Tower of Fantasy had an explosion of popularity on the day of launch, no matter how much he could not maintain such a high level of prominence, in order to hear the azilian community the RPG is to be congratulated. The game showed at various times attempts to get closer to fans in the country, especially on social networks with the World Cup.

On Twitter, Tower of Fantasy’s official account has been very active and attentive to all the moments in azil at the world’s largest sporting event, delivering everything that azilian fans want: successful interactions, what another rival game dreams of having. Check out the five moments when the Gotta Studio RPG showed its support to azilian users:

Dubbing in PT-

In less than three months of release, Tower of Fantasy has made available the voice acting in Portuguese. The RPG gave evidence that it would develop this project in September, it was not long before it came true. On November 22, this project was finally completed, and many game scenes are already on a great voice acting. He still intends to improve more and created a form so that players can report any mistakes.

Characters with selection uniforms

While many fans need to make their own editions to cheer for azil with the image of their favorite characters, as was the case with Genshin Impact, the Tower of Fantasy community doesn’t have to have the same concern. The game account on Twitter has made editions of several well-aased characters for those who want to cheer in the World Cup without abandoning the game.

Interactions on Twitter

Tower of Fantasy is not only aware of azil’s pre-games, but also during. On social networks the game performs scholarships so that players try to hit the score of the green and yellow national team games, if they get it right, will be rewarded. Other interactions with the community related to azil and the World Cup also appear on the profile, such as setting up the dream team with Aida’s characters. Not even the goal of player Richardson in the first game of the national team escaped the attention of the account.

Apparently, more interactions should come up soon and the game follows a great way to try to please azilian fans.