A battle that defines the end of things within the Enter Super Cup where only two teams could demonstrate their best skill samples within the competition to get to this point, the duel between the current Furious Gaming champions against the newcomers Eclipse Gaming where the winner of this best of five will give them the Cup of this event.

Starting with the first map that would have great handling by the Eclipse team that began to cover the draft of the skull with a Kreshtdooo that put the arrows in the right places with its Virus to lower the life bar of the rivals and get Give them an important advantage in team fights that gives them the first point within the competition.

Going to the second scenario we see how the situation becomes more even at a point where the teams played quarterly when waiting for the rival error, now with Virus in the hands of ISO, the skull begins to hit better in the battles per team However, the team work done by the EG squad would be much better to be able to give them the corresponding victory.

Already with two maps in his favor we see how the sunset benefits eclipse that they only need one more victory to be able to take the tournament but Furious showed a different face a Katrina that he managed to show Take the leadership of the match and get the victory that reacts to the skull.


With a fourth scenario that would have a totally different temper we see the FG team better propose several things for the battle where Head would be the protagonist with his Silas with which he rotated in a good way to support his teammates leaving things in his favor to have A mastery of the stage with which they manage to tie the series with a very cardiac 2-2.

Reaching a fifth map that defines everything for both squads where only one can take the glory, the contest has an interesting turn in the lower lane where Kreshtdooo takes a Lucian with which he manages to press the opponents in a very good way in the phase of Lines to get a good amount of objects with which it would give the advantage that gives them the advantage to achieve the final victory.

Closing a very cardiac series where the Eclipse Gaming team gets its first big win within the Chilean League, surprising the current champion we could see how the new members show their best moves and send the message that they are ready for the opening tournament where They will seek to take the maximum glory for the search for promotion to the LA.