Gamers defend graphics cards with scalpers.
But individuals who wish to resell graphics cards need to handle major problems.
Since nobody just wants the pricey graphics cards.
Currently, when the RTX 4080 was presented, Nvidia was slammed that the rate for the brand-new graphics card was far too expensive.
And for the release, the prices climbed up again.
You presently pay a minimum of 2200 euros for an RTX 4090 (via Geizhals.de).
Scalper most likely believed it was a great concept to resell 2000 euro graphics cards with a juicy additional charge.
Often the prices on eBay for the RTX 4090 were over 4,000 euros
However now the scalper not just remains on their graphics cards due to the fact that nobody wants to buy them, however the dealerships do not desire them back either.
Some scalpers justify their work by having the ability to make a life with your money:

RTX 4080 is expensive for the release, scalper need even more in your greed

What is the current scenario?
It is not a big surprise that the RTX 4080 does not offer truly well.
Due to the fact that with increasing prices and high inflation, extremely a couple of are ready to invest countless euros in a graphics card.
The online publication Videocams describes that so-called Scalper currently have big problems offering their graphics cards.
Neither at increased prices nor for the non-binding cost recommendation are players ready to pay the scalpers’ money for their GPUs.
What is the problem now?
Scalper is now going to return the bought graphics cards to the dealers.
That doesn’t taste great for the dealers, as Videocam reports.
Because some dealers now eliminate the possibility of returning the graphics card.
The dealership Neg egg says Return for Refund Within: Non-Refundable, which implies there is no money back. And this line is now driving more and more sellers.

What does that appear like in Germany?
The situation in Germany looks a bit various, due to the fact that here it is legally excluded that buyers are not permitted to return their products.
This likewise uses to Scalper who want to offer the goods costly and now stop working:
Not just the high prices are presently discussing the purchase of a new RTX 4080 or RTX 4090. If you desire to purchase a brand-new graphics card this year, mango describes what you need to look out for instead.
Due to the fact that apart from the 4000 series, there are still enough more practical alternatives:
What should you consider if you desire to buy a graphics card-now or later on?