The Pokeys left his comfortable working for Real Madrid a few years ago when he realized that his potential Streamer could give him to live if he dedicated 100% of his time.
But before that there were a thousand burros along the way, among them, a brief period a waiter.


Thus, after the controversy raised by Miller, who claimed that working in a bar w eier than being streamer, Pokeys h finally decided to pronounce.

making things clear

With his usual aggressive/quiet language, Pokeys makes clear soon he started his speech that is well above streamer than the world.
This comes to mind because the second blamed the criticism of his comment, by other companions of the guild, to the little importance and weight of these.
That said, gets into a slaughter.
The Pokeys makes distinctions and underlines the nuances that have been set ide in this controversy.

While it recognizes that everyone can be Streamer and waiter, he points out that it is much more difficult to achieve something with the first than with the second.
Once you have achieved after much you behind, it finishes that:

Earning the life of being streamer is much better than doing it a waiter, that’s the Point.

The Pokeys
Clarified that point, that nuance that is lost among all the noise, brought up its short experience in the hospitality guild.
And that is where it is totally positioned.
It is very hard to be a waiter. The most difficult thing to be a waiter is not to endure 12 hours, it is to endure sholes (…) I have only worked 15 days of waiter, 14 hours a day, at the beach. The worst 15 days of
My life. It is an experience that I don’t want any1.

The Pokeys
On the stress that both works suppose, the Galician, adding to his experience in the beach his knowledge of the stream, finishes completing the puzzle with the following:
The stress of being streamer comes from uncertainty, of not having a fixed salary, of going on vacation that you are not going to collect and not knowing if you are going to have people to see you when you return.
To find half of them because the others have found a streamer that they like more.
That uncertainty is not paid with money.
But it doesn’t matter, it is the only weakness of being streamer.

The Pokeys
About what awaits you, and you can expect in both jobs, Pokeys also h some things to say.
When you work in the world of stream you pire, when you work a waiter, and that is very important, because it gives you goals, it gives you goals, things that you cannot have being a waiter.

The Pokeys
He points out below that of course they have goals a waiter, but that these are more truncated by the limitations imposed by that work.
That’s why it’s so hard, he concludes.