The Xbox One S still has its uses. Or, more specifically, it has its price. For the amount of money that you would spend on a new Xbox One X, you can purchase the Xbox One instead. And that is not all: There are five different bundles on sale right now which allow you to save even more money.

At Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn and Otto, the Xbox Series S has actually been cheap in the special deal for a few hours.

Microsoft’s console just costs EUR 222 (RAP: EUR 299.99), so you get a 26 percent discount.


According to Amazon, the offer is still valid for 12 days, however it could naturally also be offered out ahead of time.
Up until now, the other dealers do not provide any details about the duration, the deal does not appear to be part of any unique action here.
We for that reason suspect that, similar to Amazon, the offer ends quickly before Christmas at the most current.
Here you can find it:
Xbox Series S (RAP: EUR 299.99) now for EUR 222 at Amazon
Xbox Series S (RAP: EUR 299.99) now for EUR 222 at MediaMarkt
Xbox Series S (RAP: EUR 299.99) now for EUR 222 at Saturn
Xbox Series S (RAP: EUR 299.99) now for EUR 222 at Otto
Shipping is totally free at MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon.
At Otto, on the other hand, shipping expenses of EUR 2.95 are added, unless you utilize Otto Up Plus.

What does the Xbox Series offer?

The Xbox Series S is a weaker version of the Xbox Series X. Although all video games that stand for Xbox Series X are operating on it.
Nevertheless, it is put on having fun with an optimum of 1440p rather of 4K.
In addition, you need to do without a disc drive and are for that reason depending on the digital deals of the Xbox Shop or the purchase of download codes.
For this, the advised market price is likewise EUR 200 below that of the Xbox Series X (RAP: EUR 499.99).
This makes the Xbox Series S a cheap second console for all those who are mainly on other platforms, but do not wish to miss the Xbox unique titles, or merely search for a beneficial method to utilize the Xbox Video game Pass and the
Numerous games contained in the membership to play.
By the way, the first month in the Xbox Video Game Pass Ultimate is currently readily available for only EUR 1.
Xbox Series S (RAP: EUR 299.99) for EUR 222 at Amazon
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