If you want to quickly increase the level in any Dragon Quest game, one of the best ways to do this is to beat Metal Slides.
However, these monsters rarely appear and disappear just as quickly, which complicates their search.
This is where you can find metals lines in Dragon Quest Treasures.

The location of the metal mucus in the Dragon Quest Treasures

In truth, metal slugs always have a chance to appear in places where there is nothing but smalls lines.
We recommend looking for in the following places:
Palace ruins/plains in Patter noggin (up to 12 levels)
The mountain is numb in Hinter quarters (levels from 20 to 25)-explore the place where you found or find a laps tail during the main plot
A batch of metals lines also appears in a growl according to a happy chance.


They can more often be found in lower-level portals.
If you need to pump levels above 30, you should look for not metals lines, but Hardy Hands.
These are brilliant metal cousins of the Hands family.

How to quickly defeat metal slines run quickly, so you need to win them before they run away.

Metals limes are immune to magic, strong against physical attacks and have three times more protection than monsters-bosses.
However, its HP is low.
So, while you can reduce its protection with the help of granules and inflict a mortal blow, you must be good.
Sometimes you don’t even need SAP PELLET if you and your monsters are at a fairly high level.
You can also try to sneak up on it from behind, sit down and deliver a critical blow.
In the end, Eric and Mia’s sudden attacks always cause critical damage!
Just remember that these things are extremely sensitive.
Click up in a direction opposite to metal mucus to call Come on, come on, come on!
And send your monsters.

Other methods of early increase in the level in Dragon Quest Treasures

If you are stuck in the early game (up to the 25th level) and want to quickly increase the level, you actually do not need to look for metals lines to grind.
At the level of ~ 15 you can start to start monsters from 20 to 27 levels and change your current members of the group to stronger ones.
Then make these combat monsters at least five levels higher than they are.
Monsters of a higher level will always bring more experience.
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