Hearts of Stone, The first great expansion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, presents enough new things in the game, including some dangerous beasts for them to
In fact, the adventure begins when you fight against a quite powerful in the sewers under Erfurt.
Here is how to overcome Prince SAP in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone if you are fighting.
Prince SAP is a fairy tale becoming a nightmare that devours everything that enters his slide cover of slum.
This huge and dangerous beast is your first contract and will prove to be one of the most dangerous fights you have faced so far.
But do not be afraid, we will help you overcome this difficult enemy.

How to defeat Prince SAP

Before entering battle, verify if you have any of the weaknesses of Prince SAP.
It is weak for Arden (the magic trap), the cursed oil, the golden or rapist and the northern wind pumps.
If you are using a saved file that increased it to 32, so you can play Hearts of Stone immediately, you are likely to have any of the elements, but it will still do it well.
The only thing is that the fight will take a little more time.
When the fight begins, Prince SAP will be stopped in the center of the fighting area.
It has four attacks that you must take into account.
If you are in the area at the head of this beast, it will shoot you with the tongue (which crosses that and causes a considerable amount of damage in addition to stun), or will shoot you a small drop of poison in you.
If you are very close to this boss, it will also use a language whip that will take you away, but it will not do more damage.
If you are standing anywhere that is not in front of Prince SAP, the monster will launch 3 to 5 venom gusts from their back that will leave small puddles of toxins on the battlefield.
They shine slightly, so make sure you don’t step on them.
The puddles dissipate after about 15 seconds.
Being very close to Prince SAP will make it jump, which eliminates what, causes massive damage and stuns Gerald.
Now that you know all the attacks of Prince SAP, it is time to end the first head of Hearts of Stone.
You will want to use Queen for this.
While it does not bomb you with fast attacks, if you get hit, the Toad Prince has a great impact.
Fortunately, Queen will take the damage to the poison for you instead of losing health immediately if you get into a pool by accident.


Any pump that is not Northern Wind is completely useless, just like arrows.
Although it is not in the vulnerable list against the bestiary, Axis is useful for slowing down the Prince SAP, and much easier to use than Arden, since you do not have to approach and expect to achieve it before the boss jumps.
Now that you have that located, it’s time to dance.
You will have to slowly surround Prince SAP as you approach.
If you have any of the Northern Wind bombs, throw one occasionally to help you.
Once next to the toad keep next to him.
It will jump in the air several times.
It simply rolls when it is about to fall again and will not suffer damage.
Lower two swings and then go back or be beaten by the next jump.

Weak points of Prince SAP

The weak points of Prince SAP are his cheeks, so be sure to keep them by his side, so you can continue doing the maximum damage.
If you put yourself behind the beast, you can also do decent damage, but then jump through the combat space, and you will have to approach it once more.
If at any time the boss jumps and has his back against the wall, do not approach.
Instead, go far to attract it to the center of the area once again.
It is difficult to dodge your jumps when the wall is behind the beast, so always avoid it.
Rinse and repeat the dance until the boss dies.
He never changes his attack pattern as we weaken, which makes this fight much simpler than it seems.
But you never let yourself be carried out by a feeling of excess confidence.

While it may not be the most complex battle, few monsters can distribute damage as easily as Prince SAP in Hearts of Stone.
If you are receiving harm, don’t keep going.
Instead, go back, sane and then go back into action.
After a long battle with a well armored toad, you will be victorious.
Prince SAP is killed, and Gerald is now a magical princess… it’s fine, no, but the plot is complicated after your victory (something that we will not spoil you).
That is all you need to know how to overcome Prince SAP in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone.
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