The Game League of Legends, along with other titles by developer Riot Games, officially arrived for the Xbox Game Pass on Monday (12).


Users who connect their Riot accounts to the Xbox PC application will have access to exclusive benefits for MOB and other publisher games.

With the addition of the original game of the developer to the Xbox application, a curious fact ended up drawing the attention of the community.
Microsoft seems to believe that a user would take about a thousand hours to complete Lol’s main story.
The screen capture above, initially published by the Portal Dote sports, was taken from the Microsoft-What application-which has a data analysis section in partnership with the HowlongTobeat website.
The image indicates that a user takes about 1,016 hours to complete Lol’s main story as a single-player-o-play that would be an interesting fact if the game had a history mode.
This section of the portal is dedicated to Xbox Game Pass titles, which means that the statistics in question are related to the presence of the game on the Microsoft PC platform.
The portal uses API technology for system integration and therefore removes data from each game directly from the platform in question, having a different section for each platform.