A mouse explosion accident in the overseas community has been reported.

The product is ‘G-WOLVES HSK PRO 4K Wireless Mouse’, which weighs 29g and supports 4000 Hz of 4000Hz and even wireless versions.

Fortunately, most of the notes are estimated to have been charged with the mouse.
However, gamers from all over the world who were interested in the model seemed to be anxious because they seemed to be a simple image in the state of the reported mouse.


According to some reports, most of them are not wireless, but most of them are connected to the wire and the explosion occurred when it is charged.
In particular, one whistleblower explained that despite being a glass pad user, not a thousand pad, the mouse marks remained on the glass pad due to the heat from the explosion.

The G-WOLVES side replaced the battery supplier through the official site and delayed the order and distribution schedule for about 10 days, and the HSK Pro 4K, which was equipped with a new battery, will be sent normally around December 20-24.
Is expected.

Innovative challenges, designs, and reasonable prices are all good, but the best mouse is the best mouse that doesn’t care about when playing games.
The strong trust between famous global brand products and gamers is comforting.