Champion Need arrived at the League of Legends in December 2018 and was promptly well received by the community, not only because of her relatively innovative mechanics in MOB, but for her personality and look as a character.
For Mains Need’s unhappiness, the champion doesn’t have so many skins in the game yet, but thanks to the community, this can be compensated with many fan arts, as is the case with this Need illustration in a Skin Cyberpunk concept.

Need Cyberpunk

Created by Gate, who posted his drawing on Reddit, Need Cyberpunk is cyborg.


It has several mechanical and technological parts on your body, and has won a series of tattoos like Jinx’s.
There is also a special detail as your tank top with a frog, which will certainly be understood by players who like her very much.
Gate illustrated even what the effects of Need Cyberpunk’s skills would be within the game:
Something the Reddit community noticed was the resemblance between the jacket Need wears in the concept of skin and the Valiant agent, FPS that belongs to Riot as well as LOL.