Although Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games have made it clear that J.K.
Rowling is not involved in Hogwarts Legacy, it seems that this does not mind a group of fans, who, once again, have asked the community not to buy this game in protest to the author’s controversial comments.
Recently, YouTuber known as Jessie Earl called a boycott against Hogwarts Legacy, this as a consequence of the opinions Rowling has had about the trans community.


This was what he commented:

I will not save anyone for the love he continues to have for the ancient works or the things he already has in his possession and in which he finds comfort.
I own the first nine films and the seven books.
But any support for something like legal Hogwarts is detrimental.
Unlike other occasions, Rowling did not remain silent, and decided to respond through Twitter with the following message:
Deeply disappointed that Jessie Earl does not realize that pure thought is incompatible with having anything related to me in any format.
Those who process that idea would not only burn their books and movies, but also the local library, anything that wears an owl and their company dogs.

I am bewildered.
This person actually supports the reading of the books under the pretext of anyone needs to know.
Everything is going well here until you get drunk and accidentally mention that you do it.
I have never done it in public will not save you when the police see your Hufflepuff socks.
Jessie Earl has pointed out that it is fine to watch the movies and read the books of Harry Potter, but sharing the taste for the series on social networks is something that does not support.
In this way, Rowling’s response has a sarcastic tone before this position.
For their part, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games have remained away from this conversation.
For its part, we remind you that Hogwarts Legacy will arrive at PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC on February 10, 2023, with the rest of the versions at a later date.
On related issues, you can know when the game will arrive at PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch here.
Similarly, this is the new gameplay of the title.
Editor’s note:
While it is true that Rowling’s opinions have created a strong division with fans, it is important to make the distinction in Hogwarts Legacy.
The author is not involved in this game, and it is very sure that her position before the trans community will not be reflected in the game, so calling a boycott in this situation is not something perhaps many people support.
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