The off season tournament of kingdoms that is resonating within the entire region to determine what squads can be future promises in this part of the Latin continent, after several weeks of competition where 12 squads fought to get the progress to the playoff stage and
This case to the grand final where only the two best will have the opportunity to get the maximum prize.
The first battle would be between the devil mode against The Kings, considered the final advanced by the style of play of both squads, but it would be the kings that demonstrated a much greater pressure thrust with a jaunt that took control of the upper lane with a Gwen for
Punish the opposites phenomenal and get the first point in the series for them.

During the second game, things would be on the side of the kings from the beginning with a matey that would be very proactive inside the contest to sometimes fall to the rivals, with a blunt domain for The Kings that caused great ravages where things
They ended from their side that close the match quickly to advance to the final.
On the other hand, the second semifinal would be among Carissa eSports against Braves Rising where we had an expected rematch among the Caribbean champion against the Colombian champion, the first game would be an ordeal for the boys of the Caribbean islands because Felt would have in
His hands to a very aggressive Alkali with which he manages to give an explosive advantage to have the first map in his favor.
In the second map, things were very couples because the Caribbean showed a different temper to get that third map that would give them life, again the Felt reaction would be the one that gave the key in the pressures of the lines thanks to their
Teleports that allowed him to give an interesting advance, with this the team of the Braves end an intense battle that gives him the second point and the pass of the series.
With these results we have the two teams that get the pass to the grand final of this off season tournament where we have seen great contenders who gave a great development throughout the tournament, a battle that has already been seen in another tournaments but that in this
Occasion could have a different turn, but only players can give us the best results in this competition.