Dark and Darker, the debut title of the developer Iron mace, seeks to capture the sensation of a classic fantasy action game.
Set in medieval landscapes, this multiplayer FPS title will face evil monsters while you and your classmates try to discover treasures before the others.
With their PVP VE multiplayer game, players may wonder if it will be a free game or a full-price title.
Here is everything we know about whether Dark and Darker will be a free game.

Will Dark and Darker Free to Play?

It is not yet entirely confirmed, but in its current form, Dark and Dark is a free game.
The game is currently in a game test, where users can try the ALFA version of the game.
The complete launch is not established until the fourth quarter of 2023, so even once this game test ends, there will surely be more opportunities to test this title for free.
With that said, Iron mace has not announced whether the final launch will be free.


Given the long wait for the launch of the title, we may not have news about its price for a long time.
However, on the positive side, in the section about the company’s website, Iron mace has referred to itself as «a cheerful band of veteran games developers disappointed by exploiting and greedy practices that we once help
Therefore, whether the game is free or not, it seems that it will not be binding for atrocious monetization practices.
That is all we have if Dark and Dark will be a free game.
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