Last year something very important was announced for Nintendo 64 fans, and that was the official remastering of Golden eye 007, which has already reached online Switch as well as Xbox consoles.
The best thing is that it was established that those who had Rare Repay could have free access to the game, but things had not made themselves so clear.
Since their arrival last week, many users reported that their physical copies of the compilation were not updated with the spy game, thinking that there would be a patch a few hours later.

However, this is not so, because those who acquired the digital format if they got the game, establishing that the albums will never have the game for free.
Here what RARE itself commented on Twitter:

Due to the differences between physical and digital licenses, we could only add the Golden eye Right 007 for the owners of a digital copy of Rare Replay.


Buying it digitally or subscribing to Xbox Game Pass will give you access to the game!
Sorry for any disappointment caused.
All this means that the owners of an Xbox who want the game can only acquire it as follows, buying it individually in the Microsoft game store.
Or subscribe to Game Pass, which gives them directly to the video game and more titles of the Rare bookstore, as well as striking exclusive such as Hi-fi Rush.
It is also available for those who have the expanded membership of Nintendo Switch online.
Via: Rare
Editor’s note: It is certainly half a bad wave that there is no free game for those who have the album, one more pattern to establish that the physical format is dying.
At least those of Switch have online multiplayer.