The prices for games and the PlayStation 5 have already been increased last year-now the Xbox Series X | s.
In a country, the recommended sales price will be increased shortly-could further regions follow?

Xbox Series X | S: Console are more expensive in Japan

The year 2022 was a costly year.

A lot became more expensive, also for gamers.
Not only the prices for games have been increased, but also Sony’s flagship, PlayStation 5, has become more expensive in Japan, Europe and parts of North America.
At the end of last year, Microsoft’s Head of Gaming Phil Spencer said that the prices for the Xbox Series X | s would not change at least until the holidays.
However, he was not sure how long the company could hold the prices afterwards.
Microsoft has now announced that it will increase prices for the consoles in Japan.
The effects of local pricing are regularly assessed.
The decision would not have been easy, but in the future you want to offer the ultimate Xbox experience that customers expect.
From February 17, the price of the Xbox Series X will increase from ¥54.978 to ¥59.978 (the equivalent of around 389 euros to 425 euros).


The price for the Xbox Series S from ¥32.278 to ¥37,978 (the equivalent of around 228 euros to 269 euros) (source: Fujitsu).
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Xbox Series X | S: soon more expensive in Germany?

So far, there is talk of a price increase in Japan.
It is not certain whether the consoles will also become more expensive in Germany.
However, there is a chance that it will also meet Europe sooner or later.
You can currently secure the Xbox Series X in the Fora Horizon 5 Premium Edition Bundle for 559.99 euros (now watch at Amazon).
With the Xbox Series S you can currently secure an offer:
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€299.99 for Amazon
The price may be higher now.
Price from 01.02.2023 1:54 p.m.
At Amazon, you get a bundle with the download code for the game Dead Space for 299.99 euros.
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