Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm hold hands together and develop new XR devices.


At the local time, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Google were working together to prepare for the next-generation XR device through the mouth of Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2023 event held in San Francisco, USA.
It was a surprise announcement, where the information was not disclosed in advance, and Qualcomm’s CEO Cristiano Among and Google’s platform ecosystem executive Hiroshi Lockmaker were together.

Qualcomm’s CEO of Qualcomm said, Our Snapdragon XR technology, Samsung’s products, and Google’s experiences have been added to bring the foundation for the future of the space Internet.

Row Daemon said he would build a next-generation XR experience with reliable partners including Qualcomm and Google and change the future of mobile.

In 2014, Samsung announced the Gear VR, a smartphone connection VR headset, in partnership with the former Oculus, which was acquired by Meta.
In 2017, the MR headset ‘Odyssey’ was released, followed by the successor ‘Odyssey+’ in 2018.
However, since the end of the Gear VR app is stopped, it has not been able to support Gear VR since the Galaxy S10 series, and has not shown much movement in the XR field for about five years.

It is not known exactly what kind of cooperation will be done, but it is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm’s chipset and Google’s operating system on Samsung’s device.
If Samsung jumps into the XR headset market, it is expected to show competitiveness with other companies that are influential in the industry, such as Meta, HTC, Valve, Microsoft, and Sony.