The Twitch streamer Kawasaki demonstrated how she played the hero shooter Valorant.
Nevertheless, a group member insulted them in the worst.


She posted the clip on Twitter, where users expressed a sexism issue in video games.
Who is the person you are talking about?
Angela Kawasaki Don (28) is a Canadian banner who is active on Twitch and YouTube.
In her streams she constantly bets video games like Overwatch 2 or Valorant.
In the latter, the banner recently discovered herself in an extremely undesirable scenario.
What happened in the stream?
On February 2, 2023, Kawasaki organized a live stream in which she played valorant.
As she bets, there is an event.
A teammate comments on her gameplay, whereupon she informs him that he needs to keep his flap.
Thereupon it is really insulted by another group member.
His verbal attack takes a complete 20 seconds.
He insults them as a bitch and then describes them a number of times as unclean lady and slut.
Initially the banner appears to be quite shocked at the other’s psychological outbreak.
Kawasaki remains calm, asks: Wow!
Who injure you, my boy? Then the staff member starts again with violent insults and brings an entirely improper remark.
Here you can see the clip on Twitch, the scene begins at 4:13:30:
Kawasaki shared a section of the clip on Twitter and described: His good friend irritated in communication and also baked us.

I simply stated the flap which was the response.
To be honest, I was a little terrified.
Not prior to the words… however with the idea that somebody would go so far to verbally bother an upset lady.
By the way, he will be a lot uglier In another post, the streamer still makes it clear that she had actually not asked him to be silent for no factor: If the bakeshop or the communication had made sense, that would have been something else.
However, the other would have written any directions and commands all the time, like Duck yourself!
Just do that!.
How does the neighborhood react?
In the Twitter comments, many users are angry about the habits of the gamer and believe that this is not possible.
Sometimes you likewise read comments that dismiss this as a joke of the player and believe that Kawasaki overreacted.
Above all, nevertheless, many are unfortunate about the reality that sexist habits in gaming is not an isolated case, but a number of females are always assaulted with unsuitable remarks.
Another banner shares her own experience with the topic in a clip and users write remarks such as:
Hannity: What is actually sad is the reality that there are countless women every day who are treated in this way.
Many of the reports stay unpunished.
I am thankful that you have a platform to deal with the topic, but I still feel bad for those who don’t.
Who raised these angry, misogynistic young children.
APART: People are so little that they are hiding behind their screen and are happy to state hateful things, they have nothing beneficial what they could be pleased with.
I’m sorry that you needed to handle this residue, I hope you are much better.
Men, we have to do it much better.
Mike: I’m so sorry that you had to listen to it.
It is totally undesirable that people simply lose their minds and insult entirely complete strangers.
This must result in a long-lasting restriction on game, but instead people simply escape.
Some likewise promote that games need to punish such gamers harder, banish them for about life.
They condemn the improper behavior and show themselves compassionate towards the banner.