One of the main sources of lace of streamers comes through donates.
Spectators send amounts of money to the content producer to support their work, and they also take advantage of advertising and contracts that generate a good profit.
Even in the face of a profitable profession, some donations can be impressive with unbelievable values… This is the case of the biggest donate ever made in history.
It is important to make it clear that this donates was made in dollars for an international streamer, but still a azilian has also received one of the largest donations ever made in Live.

More than $5 million in a Donated

LPO got the prowess to receive $1 million, which is more than $5 million.
This happened at an event where he raised money for a charity cause (cancer surveys) and his goal was $2 million (over $10 million).
Twitch itself donated the value to the streamer, making the goal easier to reach.
It was a very striking moment, and although it did not have the money and the platform was responsible for the donation, it is still the greatest donate in history.

This all happened in December 2019, and he has continued to be charitable campaigns ever since.
Even his goal was exceeded, and he reached $2,339,943.53 in total.


Greatest Donate in azil we have the case of BALLGAMES, a streamer that was not well known.

In one of his lives he received $900,000.
The situation was so exciting that he cried in front of the cameras.
The news had a lot of notoriety at the time (July 2020) and the donor remained anonymous.
He just thanked the content producer and said he saved his life, even though he didn’t know him.