MX Unleashed is one of the popular racing games in an arcade style released for PS2 and Xbox platforms in the early 2000s.
As in any other game created in that era, there are also several official cheats in MX Unleashed.
The most pleasant thing is that, unlike other games where cheats give players an advantage in victories, cheats for MX Unleashed open only additional content for the game in the form of additional cards, bikes and game modes.

All working cheats for MX unleashed

All these cheats can be used on both PS2 and Xbox platforms.
In addition, make sure that you use cheats, as indicated, without spaces or other characters between them.

how to use cheats MX Unleashed

To use cheats, follow the instructions below.

  • Download MX Unleashed to the PS2 or Xbox console and open the main menu.
  • In the main menu, go and press the button button button.
  • In the settings of the parameters, hang the cursor using R1 or RB, until you find the cheat codes section.
  • Select the option that you want to unlock and enter the code using the game pad.


After the input, click on the done button for the realization of the China.
For example, if you want to unlock 500-cubic bicycles, you must choose this option from the list and enter large dogs code, and then click the Ready button.
If you successfully used the code, the option will show a cheat code instead of the default star under its heading.
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