Thanks to his irate speeches, the German streamer Electric has ended up being a phenomenon on the Web years back.
Now he was talking that Twitch wished to shorten 20 % of his income in the future.
But with that he bumped into a typical earner and unexpectedly the old Electric was back.
What has Electric made a name for himself?
The 29-year-old Twitch banner was one of the very first big shooter YouTuber in Germany in 2011.
At that time he was known for Commentary Videos: Call of Responsibility ran as a gameplay, however the YouTuber informed a story from his life, typically increased and left control slightly.
The banner constantly has an excellent language tune, even if he likes to slip into the repulsive and scream.


If Electric had not always vanished in the sinking for a long time, he would have put a similar career as his friend Montanblack in the previous 10 years:

regular earner has no understanding for mills from Twitch banner

What is Electric upset about?
Big Twitch banners such as Electric are presently getting 70 % of their revenue on Twitch.
From June 2023, their share will decrease to 50 %- Twitch maintains the rest.
The Livestream website becomes part of the Amazon group.
In among his Twitch streams, Electric discusses that it is as if the employer would state: in a year you get 20 % less income.
Due to the fact that the employer would now rather put the cash in his own pocket.
A user composed in the chat;
Brother, you can’t see that compared to our measurement 2K a month
And all of a sudden the old Electric was back.

With index finger in the camera, he called: Yes, I can compare that, Tomahawk!
Don’t make me aggressive..
In a 30-second Rant, the 29-year-old streamer was drawn up: the money-horny manager kid of boss would not put the maintained cash into the pension of the workers or in much better devices, but Zappzarapp in his own pocket.
This has to do with making the fat asses of Amazon’s shareholders even richer.
That must understand coworker lace-up shoe.
Is he right?
Well, you need to state: that Twitch banner, even if you like to see it that way, are not the TWITCH employees, but self-employed people who use the streaming platform from Amazon.
You have exclusive contracts, you take pleasure in freedom that does not have the workers of a company.
The advertising of Food is displayed in the stream of Elotrix-so he also has personal sponsor deals running, which he markets on Twitch, however twitch probably has nothing to do.
According to Jerk, the provision of band wide is merely not determined for just 30 % of the earnings.
You determined that, it didn’t get there, so you have to increase the prices.
Electric’s difficulty is still easy to understand.
Jerk’s monetary employer discusses why big streamers such as Montanblack will soon earn about $500,000 less a year