Deliver us the Moon is an adventure game with the atmosphere of the Hollywood science fiction thriller.
Many turns make this game very interesting, even without classical paths of cosmic horror.
In Deliver us, the Earth was faced with a serious energy crisis, and obtaining helium-3 from the moon can save the planet.
You play for Rolf, an astronaut trying to correct the situation and save your colleague to Sarah, who was left several years ago during the evacuation.
So, what happened to Sarah to Get the Moon and is she alive?
Read a brief presentation of the story Give us the moon if you need to explain what exactly happened at the end.
Suffice it to say that you are entering the spoilers.

Explanation of the ending of Deliver us the moon

Caution, give us lunar spoilers!
Continue to read only if you are 100 % sure that you want to know what happened at the end of deliver us the moon.
You are ready?
Remember, this is not such a terrible cosmic action as Dead Space, but you will feel the whole range of emotions until you reach the end of the game.


Let’s go into space!
The ending of Get the Moon finds Rolf in a very difficult situation, because he discovers that the lunar colonies decided to refuse to redirect resources to create spaceships similar to an ark, with a mission to find a new planet with living conditions.
From audio stories and holograms, you will learn that Sarah has tried to prevent this many years ago.
During her quest, she meets Isaac, who also wants to save Helius-3.
Unfortunately, Isaac betrays Sarah, as he wants to use resources to power the third ark.
He even strikes her, but she manages to get helium-3.
You use helium-3 to activate a machine that can save the Earth, but you are seriously injured, trying to complete the process.
Seriously wounded, you complete the process of energy release that could save the Earth.
From the last forces you notice another hologram explaining whether Sarah survived to Get the Moon.
Isaac felt guilty of what he did, so he carried Sarah to Creamer.
There you will find Sarah in a co-pay in a stable state.
Unfortunately, this is the end of the path for Rolf, since he dies next to her.
In the end, we see Claire, the daughter of Israel, who enters the autocomplete and communicates the ground management that found them (Claire and Rolf).
This means that their efforts to success and that the Earth was saved thanks to their actions.
So what happened later?
You can find out by playing Deliver us Mars.
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