The first day of the Six Invitational 2023, the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup played in Canada was marked by good and bad times for the azilian teams that compete for the competition.


This Tuesday (7), W7M, champion of the 3rd stage of the Elite Six 2022 Cup and azilian runner-up, confirmed the favoritism against Elevate, Thailand, won 2-0, with a double 7×4 on the Safe maps
Dostoevsky and Clubhouse, and confirmed his first 4 points in the competition.

If the buffalo started on the right foot in the competition, the same cannot be said about Team Liquid and doing CLAN, who debuted with defeats for Songs and M80, respectively.
Current azilian two-time champion and runner-up of Six Major Linköping, Liquid had many difficulties against Songs and lost for a double 7×4 in the Villa and Chile maps.
Since it didn’t win any map in the series, the cavalry did not add points in the premiere.
FAZ Clan, third place in Six Invitational 2022 and runner-up of Six Major Berlin, lost 7×2 to the M80 on the Oregon map, but recovered with a 8×7 on the cottage map.
The decisive dispute took place in a theme park, and once again doing so was dominated by the M80, losing 7×3.
As you lost 2-1 in the series, the do it added a point in the standings even with the defeat.
The only azilian team that did not play on the first day of Six Invitational, Los One debuts on Wednesday against Team BDS, France, current SIX champion Major Linköping.

Results of the 1st Day of Six Invitational 2023

A group
W7m 2 x 0 Elevate
KOI 1 x 2 G2 ESports
Group B
Mm 2 x 0 wolves eSports
Songs 2 x 0 Team liquid
Group C
Team BDS 1 x 2 Cyclops
Astral is 1 x 2 Oxygen
Group D
Dark zero 2 x 1 Heroic
M80 2 x 1 do clan