The Twitch banner Hasan Havana Piker collects donations to support the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.
The aversion of some people against him goes so far that they want to prevent the donations.
What is the good cause?
Like lots of people, the streamer was shaken by the earthquake, which hit parts of Turkey and Syria on February 6.
More than 4,300 people have passed away, lots of more are still missing and might still be buried under the rubble (via CNN).
There are also individuals whose access to water or electrical energy has been cut off.
On the very same day, Havana shared a requirement donations from the Turkish streamer and assured to do everything in his power to assist those impacted (through Twitter).
After just 15 minutes, $150,000 are stated to have actually come together in donations (via Twitter).
The efforts of the banner were screwed up.

audiences avoid donation over $50,000

How was the charity event screwed up?
Several larger content creators wished to take part in the fundraising project.
Including the YouTuber Show Speed, which is otherwise known for its rather turned and loud streams.
Show speed not only phoned his audiences to donate, however likewise desired to contribute $50,000.
Nevertheless, fans of the streamer declared that it was a rip-off: Havana would put the money in his pocket and shop from it.

individual dislike must not stand in the way of the excellent cause

How is that talked about?
The YouTuber CR1TIKAL spoke about the circumstance in a spontaneous video.
He made it clear that both Havana and Show Speed were quite controversial figures in the streaming scene, in this case they would do something great.
CR1tikal asked the audiences not to be blinded by their personal aversion to the content developer or to think of factors why what they do was somehow wrong:

No matter how you turn it to bring money to people in need after such a tragedy is a fantastic thing.

But if he does something excellent, like this, does not try to discover some crazy method, to present it as a horrible thing.

CR1TIKAL via YouTube

Havana is not familiar with any guilt

How does Havana respond?
The Twitch banner has now commented on the attempts to undermine his contribution collection in a different stream.
He said he had not done anything wrong, neither in this scenario nor in the past.
He just purchased a house and a terrific car, said Havana
Nevertheless, he mentioned that there were major issues and afflicted people experience the effects if donations are prevented.

I dislike it.
These people are so damn desperate to present myself as a bad guy, even if I am actively attempting to gather cash for a thing that harm the donation.
There are literally people under ruins.


Despite the opposite efforts, Havana had the ability to collect over $700,000 in donations (as of February 7, 8:20 p.m., through soft giving).
The banner thanked his community on Twitter:
If they use their reach for a great cause, the amazing sum that Havana has actually already gathered for the polluters shows what affect Twitch streamers can have.
Be it large-planned contribution marathons, or really spontaneous actions:
Growth reveals a call for donations on Twitch, within 15 minutes over EUR 14,000 will come together