In Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore a big open world full of quests, secrets and puzzles, such as demigod statues.
You will face one of these side quests: The Tale of Rowland Oakes.
In this quest, the player will find Outs Rowland based on his left card.
If you need help to find out where the goblins took Rowland-Oouxes, here is the map where Rowland-Oouks is located in Hogwarts’s Heritage.


How to solve the Rowland Oakes card in Hogwarts Legacy?

The side quest The Tale of Rowland Oakes will bring you to the forbidden forest to the goblin camp in search of Rowland Oakes.
Here you will find a treasure map indicating where you can find Rowland OUTS.
From the goblin camp, where you found a map, head west along the river and cross the bridge.
In this area there are tests of Merlin, which is worth passing while you are here.
Through the bridge you will see the ruins of the towers shown on the map.
Go through the towers of the tower, and you will find the entrance to the borrow ruins.
Inside the ruins of Borrow, follow the way and defeat the goblins blocking your path.
There are several chests in your trip.
Ruins are linear;
Follow the way, and you will find Outs Rowland, locked in the cell behind the ruins.
He will ask you to find this stick in the previous room, behind the locked door.
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