There is a lot of depth of the hidden role-playing game under the hood in the last Avalanche Software assistant.
From branched dialogue options to new skills, abilities and improvements, Hogwarts Legacy is full of player options and a vertiginous variety of customization options.
But where the playing systems of the game really shine more is in their talent trees where you can invest points in specific areas.
OBJECTIVE What is the maximum talent points at Hogwarts Legacy?
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Maximum talent points at Hogwarts Legacy

As there is a maximum level limit of 40 at Hogwarts Legacy, this means that you can only get a total of 35 talent points in a game.
If you wonder why there are only 35 talent points in a game instead of, say, 40 talent points, it is because you do not acquire talent points at your first five levels and only begin to increase talent points from level 6
and beyond.
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Once the level 5 reaches, each subsequent level that wins will grant a new talent point to invest in its different talents.
There are five different talents trees and these are the following: spells, dark arts, nucleus, stealth and room of the needy, and all these give you the opportunity to customize the construction of your character as best seems to you.
In summary, once you reach level 40 at Hogwarts Legacy, you will not be able to increase more talent points, unless avalanche software increases the maximum level limit by means of a future update, although that is not confirmed and is a mere conjecture.
At the moment.
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