Edelstein, Henry, and Sam meet up in an attic in an abandoned structure and unload their materials. He offers Sam some crayons and informs Henry to embellish the attic, which he ultimately covers with drawings of a superhero variation of himself named Super Sam. Henry paints Sam’s eyes to look like he has a superhero mask and then head out.

The episode opens with the night that the citizens of Kansas City overthrew FEDORA and took apart the QC. Civilians are running around in celebration, violently hanging and eliminating FEDORA soldiers, and getting the word out by driving around the city with megaphones. A boy, Henry, and his little bro, Sam, are seen hiding from the turmoil. Henry signs to his deaf sibling and informs him to just merely focus on him instead of the surrounding violence.

She informs them that she will provide them all reasonable trials and jail sentences, however only on the condition that they tell her where Sam and Henry are. Kathleen tells him no, of course not, and then has them all carried out.

Spoiler Caution: This short article will contain significant spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us and Naughty Canine’s The Last of Us video game from 2013.

An Unlikely Alliance

Later that night, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam make it out of the tunnels with no trouble and begin making their way through an abandoned neighborhood. As Ellie jokes about how Joel is simple to wear down, the group gets attacked by a sniper from a house down the street and are forced into cover.

A convoy of numerous armored trucks drive head on at the group, prompting Joel to pick up the sniper and provide covering fire. Ellie fires her gun behind her, however rapidly lacks ammunition as the truck is right on her heels. Joel is able to eliminate the chauffeur of the leading truck, triggering it to crash into a neighboring house and explode. Dozens of resistance soldiers spread out in the streets, approaching your house. Ellie, Sam, and Henry hide behind a nearby cars and truck in front of the house, knowing they are considerably out numbered. Joel knows he’s pretty limited in this situation and ducks down next to the window while Kathleen calls out for Henry.

On their method out, they see Joel’s truck crash into the laundromat and see him eliminate all the attackers from the previous episode. Henry decides to wait things out after seeing the mayhem, but the 2 make their method into an office complex later that night. They stumble into the space that Ellie and Joel are sleeping in and point guns at the two of them. Joel takes a look in his eyes that can only be referred to as slightly unhinged, however sits completely still. Henry notes he doesn’t wish to hurt them and exposes he’s the most wanted guy in Kansas City, however believes Joel to be right up there with him.

He reacts, informing Kathleen that he will come out so long as she lets the children go complimentary. Kathleen, being the oppressive Karen that she is, tells him that will not be possible as the lady is with Joel, and they eliminated a number of resistance fighters. Kathleen keeps in mind that she understands why Henry ratted out her brother, but also believes that possibly Sam was implied to die, and the entire world does not revolve around him. She thinks that the entire situation is fate capturing up with the brothers.

They map out a route by means of upkeep tunnels under the city, however Joel understands its method too easy and Henry would’ve done it if it was that basic. Henry reveals that there are no contaminated on the surface area since they got pressed underground, however he doesn’t think there are too many down there. Joel commands Ellie to draw her gun as they enter the dark passageway.

Ellie and Sam bond over their love of the comic, and he teaches her how to sign some quotes from the series. The group decides to pass the time in the room, allowing Ellie and Sam time to play soccer together and connect more. Joel excuses evaluating Henry, realizing he likely did it to secure Sam. Henry exposes that Sam has leukemia and in order to get him medicine, he had to offer out a resistance leader in Kansas City, who is likewise Kathleen’s bro. Henry thinks he’s the bad man as an outcome, however can tell Joel’s a dad and knows the lengths a father will go to in order to safeguard their kid.

The group relaxes and shares a late night snack, but Joel desires to get them out of his hair as quickly as possible. Henry, however, bets that they came into the workplace building, so they might get a view of the city in the morning and informs Joel he can be of help. The next early morning, Henry informs Joel that he was a collaborator, a group that served as rats/informants for FEDORA. Joel right away tells Henry he does not work with rats, but the young guy knows the city and can get them out. However, he needs Joel to be the muscle. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, even if Joel isn’t precisely pleased about more freight or the person he has to deal with.

Joel makes a break for it while being contended and finds a bridge not too far from them. He silently gets in your house through the backdoor and locates the sniper upstairs, discovering that it’s just an old man. He uses the old man the possibility to just put to assassinate and stay there for an hour, pleading him to not make a move. The old man attempts his luck and Joel shoots him. A radio call from Kathleen informs the sniper that they’re almost to his area, prompting Joel to shriek out the window at his group to run.

The Ambush

The Night of the Living Dead

Henry advises Ellie to take Sam and run when they get the chance. He surrenders himself to Kathleen, however as she’s about to kill him, the crashed truck sinks into the ground beneath your house. Everybody picks up a moment… and after that an unbelievably large horde of contaminated emerge out of it and swarm all the resistance fighters. Shooting breaks loose in the streets, people are being ripped apart, contaminated are getting on top of vehicles… it is full-blown carnage. Joel begins shooting the infected around his group, providing a possibility to make a break for it. Ellie identifies a car that she can conceal in while Henry and Sam divided off.

She finds Henry and Sam concealing under a car, trying to fend off contaminated. Joel supplies overwatch support from the house while she runs towards the brothers and helps them leave.

As if it could not get any even worse, a massive infected beast that fans might refer to as a Bloater comes out of the sinkhole. Due to it being super progressed, its fungus body acts as armor and can endure heavy amounts of shooting. It locks eyes with Perry who informs Kathleen to run before getting his head strongly ripped off. As Ellie views all the bloodshed, a contaminated kid climbs up into the car with her, prompting her to bail out.

No Delighted Endings

Ellie and Joel are now by themselves once again. They bury the 2 brothers beyond the abandoned hotel, however the strength of the moment leaves the duo at a loss for words. There’s very little else that can be done, so they get their equipment and begin heading west to Wyoming.

Sometime later on, the group discovers an abandoned hotel and decompresses. Joel uses a welcome to Henry to join them on their trip to Wyoming and Henry accepts, believing it’ll be excellent for Sam to have a friend. If she ever gets frightened, Ellie checks out a Savage Starlight comic to Sam prior to bed, and he asks her. Ellie exposes she’s terrified all the time, but particularly of being al1. Sam exposes that he is terrified of what happens if you turn infected… prior to revealing he has been bitten to Ellie. She reveals her scar to him and after that slices her hand open, spreading her blood over his injury. Ellie informs the kid that her blood is medicine and assures to remain awake with him.

They both rush for Joel’s revolver, but Henry gets to it. Ellie is pinned to the ground by Sam and without believing, Joel hurries to help, however Henry shoots at Joel. Joel pleads Henry to hand him the weapon, however he is overwhelmed by the regret and kills himself.

Differences Between Video Game and Show

The Last of Us episode 5 is fairly devoted to the video game once again, but as we talked about in the previous recap, the entire characterization for the resistance is totally new. It likewise offers more depth to why Henry and Sam are on the run by elaborating on Henry being required to do whatever it takes to keep his bro safe, even if it means letting somebody else pass away. Sam is likewise given more depth as a character this time.


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Joel instantly informs Henry he does not work with rats, however the young man understands the city and can get them out. Joel apologizes for evaluating Henry, realizing he likely did it to safeguard Sam. Later on that night, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam make it out of the tunnels with no trouble and begin making their way through a deserted area. Joel offers a welcome to Henry to join them on their journey to Wyoming and Henry accepts, believing it’ll be great for Sam to have a good friend. Ellie is pinned to the ground by Sam and without believing, Joel hurries to help, but Henry shoots at Joel.

Among the other significant discrepancies originates from the final set piece of the episode. In the video game, the sniper section plays out similarly to the program, resulting in Joel having to perform overwatch when hunters and contaminated start to attack them. However, it is at a far smaller sized level. There’s only one truck and a handful of contaminated and hunters to kill. In the program, it is an absolutely chaotic event that enjoys in unreasonable levels of violence.