As a result of the examination of the scheduled takeover of Activision Snowstorm, companies involved are asked by the EU Digital Solutions Act to send papers and numbers that they do not want to show to the public.


This likewise includes numbers of the monthly energetic users of a system, which is called Month-to-month Active Users in English or MAU for short.
Microsoft needed to divulge precisely these numbers for Europe.
The figures of the previous six months (until January 31, 2023) show that Microsoft has an average of 4 to 6 million energetic individuals or clients in Europe in its shops on consoles in Europe.
So there have to do with 4 million that gain access to the shop using the console, and concerning 6 million on the internet site.
On the PC, Microsoft specifies that 33 million users in the computer Application Shop or 3 million in the computer Games Shop in the EU.
The numbers regarding the energetic store users on the console ought to be underlined by Microsoft’s underdog, well underscore if you use an approximated 45 million PlayStation 4 in Europe as well as 7 million Nintendo Switch in France.
At the same time, the numbers mirror the trouble of the Xbox brand name in Europe, for which there should absolutely be several factors.
A lack of marketing in Europe and additionally with us in Germany need to only be one of them.