Ghosting or stream sniping is a kind of disloyalty in lots of multiplayer video games in which a challenger joins a streamers transmit to gain added info and an unfair benefit.

Tyler1 has actually been on rather the Gangplank spree since late, clocking in countless video games of The Saltwater Scourge on his numerous Platinum-ranked League smurf accounts. This makes his games a little easier while discovering such a hard champ, since he’s playing on a ranking far below his normal level, this likewise enables a bigger section of his visitor base to stream snipe him.

Throughout a current program, while playing Gangplank in the top lane, prominent League of Legends streamer Tyler1 ran into a humorous strategy for messing with opponent stream snipers.

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Wait, this individual is spam-pinging although he’s not coming due to the fact that he knows they’re ghosting, so he withdraws. Wait, that’s actually just 5Head as fuck, Tyler1 said.

During Tyler’s League of Legends broadcast the other day, while dealing with an opponent Olaf who appeared to be ghosting, Big Ts teammate utilized an outstanding method for combating the cheater.


For many small banners, ghosting isn’t much of a problem, however when you’re perhaps the biggest League of Legends broadcaster on the planet, it can occasionally seem like every suit Tyler1 plays has stream snipers. This is specifically true when the Twitch star is playing in the Platinum rank, which contains over 8 percent of Leagues North American gamer base according to LeagueofGraphs.

The hilariously wizard technique from Name seemed to do the method, with Tyler1 as well as his squad managing to win the unbelievably close 38-minute nail-biter Organization of Legends match.