The notorious Windblown event in Ronstadt has actually been held from March 3, 2023, till March 27, 2023, and is among the biggest annual events by Gen shin Influence, bringing brand-new friends and associates to the country of freedom.
Followers of the rhythm-game will enjoy hearing that a person of the most beloved mini-games meant just for events returned to the form of Ballads of Breeze.

Just how to open Ballads of Breeze in the Genshin Impact Windblown event

In order to open the gusty photos pictures, you should initially complete the meeting with a windshield called Collection of Alien.
As quickly as this is done, you will unlock the quest of occasions called fresh pictures, that includes a conversation with Lassen in front of Lake Side.
A brand-new card icon called Windblown Recreation will show up, and all 3 occasions limited by occasions will certainly be held in this area.

exactly how to play in the rhythm-game Ballads of Breeze in the Genshin Impact Pendulum occasion

Complicated degree

Ballads of Breeze provides a customized balanced gameplay, which will certainly attract lovers of this category.
Begin with a conversation with Lizzy in the occasion zone as well as select I will try now.
From below, you can pick one of the 7 points that open up throughout the entire period of the event.
There are 3 degrees of complexity to choose from.
The video game on a higher intricacy will additionally open all honors on lower complexity.

Settings Notes

  • You can set up every aspect of your gameplay to make it convenient for you.
    Below is a malfunction of possible setups that you can switch over, and also what they do.
    Click links listed below for an extra detailed evaluation of each setting.
  • Beat Keep in mind Sound-We highly advise activating it to listen to the sound of each note.
    When clicking on the note, Calibration-regulates the permissible delay in touch.
  • NOTE Falling Speed-regulates the rate of dropping notes.
  • Background effects-when transformed on, the history is dimmed, which helps with viewing the falling notes.
    User interface
  • Tool-changes the color of notes.
  • Falling Mode-allows you to select between a bent or straight touch area.
  • Overview by notes-adds a vertical line per point in the touch location.
  • Constant video gaming effects-when turned on, special combination animations are included.

The Key Bindings section permits you to indicate which factor in the touch area associates to the keyboard secrets on the keyboard or controller.


There are 6 points on the faucet zone at the end of the display.
There are times when you need to push or hold two notes at the same time.
One note-click as quickly as it falls under the proper factor in the touch area
Hold and also hold the note-press until the strip is closed, then release when the 2nd note gets to the factor in the touch zone
Do not neglect to request honors in the events after the end of the Bit card.


If you like journeys, you can produce your very own cards or play cards created by others!
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