The companions make it possible to simplify certain fights, as much in monocle which is multi-count on doffs.
We present to you a scorer, his spells, his obtaining and the details to know!

DOFFS: scorer, companion guide and multimap

Scorer is a companion / multimap.
It has 6 active spells.

As a reminder, you can only equip one companion per character.
It is nevertheless possible to equip several within a team.
Scheduled for the distance game, a scorer allows you to farm a little with some long-range zone spells.
Official description: if you are a follower of burnt earth policy, if you prefer the sizzling of ardent coals to the song of the cicadas, then you will get along well with a scorer.
From an explosive temperament, this companion loves to play with fire.
Dun violent and impulsive character, he still takes care to maintain his enemies at a distance, in order to be able to grill the politeness if necessary.
By discovering a scorer in your camp, your opponents will be terrified… before being roasted.

Obtaining and characteristics of a shorter on Doffs

A scorer is not required for the various companions successes.
He sentient by the shop, against Marines.
Choice of level for spell previews and characteristics

Passive of a shorter

Multimap are the only companions to have liabilities.
The latter combine with each other, even offering other multimap special effects.
At the end of the launcher’s turn, increases the leak of the Allies in the surrounding area.
Also increases the scope of multimap in the Deffer area.


  • 20 leakage (for 1 lap)
  • 2 range (for 1 turn)

Choice of level for spell previews and characteristics