Much awaited given that Gen shin Effect’s journeys have actually moved to Summer in version 3.0, Delay is among the personalities that get here at Patch 3.5.
The personality belongs to the video game’s five celeity checklist, being a Pro individual of Spanish.
In spite of having an intro wished for the players, the personality set dissatisfied a little.
There are still means to extract the ideal from the her of hermit.

Exactly how to play Delay well?

Delay presumes the assistance feature within the group, being accountable for holding the majority of the damages of opponents and also the opportunity of softening them.


It will certainly additionally make it possible to use Pro damages also off the field.
The attributes of the personality make it easily used on the cutting edge of the groups.
Along with compatibility with various personalities, allowing better elemental reactions.

One of the most suitable tools

Best artifacts for Delay

Recommended Statistics

Key order:

  • ATQ %
  • Pro % damages %
  • Critical rate/critical damages %


  • Life
  • Power recharge
  • Important rate/critical damages

The excellent constellation for Delay

The finest team for Delay