Oliver Glaser sees European League champion Eintracht Frankfurt without his photo as a moody as well as eccentric old master.

Contract is no much longer a diva, and now radiates: something is going on-and we are much from being completed with our means, claimed the Hesse trainer in an interview with the Deutsche Dating.
The gamer advisor Volker Strüth, Representative, to name a few, of the Frankfurt global Mario Got, had lately described the Contract as one of the Sexiest clubs in Europe.


When I listened to that, my first idea was: it could not be due to me, said Glaser and giggled: But seriously: whether you are called interesting or hot currently, it does not matter. It is necessary that we in the
Sector are now regarded differently.
This helps to keep players along with the dedication of celebrities who were lately outside our collar size, claimed the Austrian.
Nonetheless, Glaser sees his squad in a consistent transformation procedure, in which the ing administration can only enable a few mistakes.
We are encouraged that we are not a mayfly, highlighted the 48-year-old, we have actually been doing great work for that also lengthy.
In order to maintain its condition, Contract would certainly have to permeate in areas where a certain success can be intended. We all desire sustainable success.