In the real world, the conquest of the moon and Mars is again on the wall as commercial players compete for who gets to the cheapest orbit and further.
In Deliver Us The Moon and the new Deliver US Mars, these celestial bodies have already been taken once in the new Deliver Us The Moon, and in these stories, brutal economic growth has been replaced by a clear-headed science.
What exactly does the duology be about?

for all humanity

The background story reflects the current concerns: the energy Agnes of mankind is not familiar with the limits, and the durability of our home planet is beginning to be exceeded.
The solution is to find the moon’s helium-3 reserves, of which the electricity generated by a fusion reactor seems like an unlimited resource.
However, the power line of the flow to the ground has become silent for a year back, and the World Space Agency (WSA), which was responsible for it, has been down.
The buzzing space trips of the spaceships have been silent
The lonely astronaut has to tune in the last rocket, shoot himself on the moon and find out what is behind the problem.
As we pass through the decaying infrastructure, our hero becomes acquainted with the last stages of the lunar colony.
Deliver Us The Moon is a wallet steeled by a format and strongly reminds me of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: the scenery is deserted, the course is sluggish, and the game is mainly to open up the secrets of recent history through short sounds.
In particular, the atmosphere brings to mind Rapture, because the small-scale end of the world approaching in the past is present in everything.
The silence and darkness of the Auditorium of the Moon Center is even more deadly
In about five hours, the circular walking is nicely in the package at the start of the final texts, but it appropriately leaves the threads hanging for the sequel, and now it has been obtained in the form of Deliver US Mars.

drag your donkey to Mars

It has been a few years since the new game begins.
The globe is back on again, and the restored WSA is in space.
Isaac Johanson’s daughter Kathy, who was building a lunar colony, is a Prius of her astronaut course, who manages to push himself on a flight to Mars.
A strange message has been received from the surface of the red planet, the origin of which must be resolved.
In the yard of the WSA you can meet almost natural looking people
Of course, the journey to the neighboring planet does not go smoothly, and even the descent leaves room for desire.
So Kathy gets to sample on the surface of Mars alone, followed by a flight robot Ayla and traveling through the radio, who has fallen into the other.

In addition to hiking and ATV rides, the sky is folded on climbing felling on stone walls.
Kat sweats on the wall and Ayla only other balls hovering next to
The secrets of Mars are partially investigated in the same style as the moon, but much has changed.

Haunt hiking

Deliver US Mars is significantly more a game than its predecessor, and it also has at least double length.
Climbing brings a new challenge to the movement, and the combination of electrical beams with different signers and dimensions has made its own interesting mini-game.
Even a discharge of an intermediate video for watching videos acts as some kind of brain exercise.
You don’t see this spacer either for free
Unfortunately, much of the work is some sort of slow-time-event wood, for example, during the launch phase of the spacecraft, you just look for an active button on the control panel and press, twist or slide it in the correct position.
Moving is mostly in tight pipes where perfection users crawl in every corner of cartoon magazines and wrist computers.
From time to time Kate has to break pipes or other objects conveniently with her bracelet with her laser beam
Unfortunately, the game shines some kind of abrasive.
In addition to pure graphic rappers, influencing and even moving around the environment is bad.
At the top of a climbing wall, I wondered what to do next, and I had to fall half a dozen times to death.
In the end, the hard-working turn off the camera made Kathy jump from the wall over the edge to the plateau, which was originally supposed to reach, but for some reason, for some reason.
Such beauty errors are nervous, especially when they have to beat the same point several times.

not two without…?

Deliver US games tell a current story where environmental disasters, worldview polarization and selfishness are leading to more ends of the world.
Broken asks exactly the important question that Elon Musk should ask himself: would it be better to try to save this only planet that one has lived instead of setting the stars?
Mars can be fascinating but very life-friendly it is not

Except for some exceptions, the effectiveness of melodramatic narration is quite unhappy with a pretty unhappy face modeling.
Touching scenes become sad when there is no life in the eyes or the lips do not move around.
Only Kathy has been able to create subtle expressive eyes, but unfortunately these are exceptions.
After all, in Mars Rover, is it nicer to cry than the Lady?
Although Deliver US the Moon and Deliver Us Mars are quite poor, their story has carried so well that I will be looking forward to seeing if the series will still be complemented as a trilogy.
The third company could get the technology in order, and thanks to the plot twists, my waiting list has a Delivery US…
Well, play yourself, so you can discuss the subject.

The Martian

Let us even give us a country