The Two Time Back to Back Blockbuster 1993-1994 Video Game Champion Herschel Guy beauty IV Aka Dr disrespect has announced its own developer studio to start and a brand new Battle-Royale game to design. In his YouTube stream, he has now betrayed which teachings have drawn his studio from Battlefield 2042 and Escape from Markov to develop his coming Battle-Royale game, and how the two titles will affect the final product.

The Battle Royale of DISRESPECT

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Although he revealed neither a name nor a publication date for his Battle-Royale Game, but he revealed that the game will play on a vertical card, in which every new area builds on the old one.

After playing something Battlefield 2042 during a stream on November 26, 2021, the Doc revealed that his studio had learned some lessons from the game. Although there were many problems with the new title of DICE, but the graph certainly does not belong.

by battlefield and escape from Markov learn

Dr disrespect believes that Battlefield 2042 is a game that should only be enjoyed in a group and after a few beers. He added, however, that the graphic of the game is an area that impressed him.

I had this entertainment internally with the studio that the graphics and the buildings [in Battlefield], the scale of the buildings and the scale of the cards look very good and we should build on it. If you come back a step and get back All the details and the design looks at, looks like a pretty cool world in which you can actually fight. As soon as you come to the player mechanism, it takes something of the sense of immersion that you get through the size of the game when The character is rapidly runs 40 miles per hour.

A game, from the DOC says that it can be scaled well, and that his game may imitate and build on it is ESCAPE from Markov. That’s why I think Escape from Markov feels so good, said the streamer. If you think about the map interchange, what’s interchange? It’s a big shopping center, right in the middle of the map.

DrDisrespect is BACK on His Favorite Battle Royale Game
Realistic like Markov and in a skyscraper

Due to the way you move in the game and the tempo, it feels like moving through a damn big shopping center, he continued. The size fits the speed and mobility of the character, that’s something special that I like.

That Doc wants to accommodate his Battle Royale in a skyscraper is no secret as we already know. But after what he said here, it could be a super-realistic variant, similar to Markov, where you fight floating for floor through a huge building.

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