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Xbox Next: Keystone is possible Codename for new Xbox

XBOX KEYSTONE - Next Next Gen Xbox Codename?

Each new Xbox console is developed in Microsoft under a code name or project name before it is set for a sales name. With “Keystone”, the internal name could now have been given a name for either a MID gene console or even the next console generation. Where exactly Tero Alhonen discovered the entry “Xbox Keystone” is unclear. However, the find is interesting, but especially because the code names for the consoles Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X | S are specified directly with Durango and Scarlett. Whether it’s actually about the code name for a new Xbox console, still difficult to say. But probably we did not hear “Xbox Keystone” for the last time.

The Cosmic Riffs from The Artful Escape already have a date on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

The Artful Escape is one of those unique proposals that surprised in September of lxbox seriest year with its original launch in PC , xbox one and xbox series x | s , a first Video game of creatives and musicians Beethoven & Dinosaur Under the umbrella of Annapurna Interactive who bet on an overwhelming staging both in the visual and in the sound in exchange for reducing the game to the minimum expression. Even so, the title wxbox series very well received, even competing in any other category in The Game Awards. Well, Annapurna Interactive hxbox series now announced the relexbox seriese date of The Artful Escape in Consoles PlayStation and Nintendo Switch : The next January 25, 2022 .

The psychedelic trip of Francis Vendetti

Thus, in The Artful Escape We took the role of Francis Vendetti , a young musician who tries to find the site of him in music under the shadow of the famous uncle of him, an authentic legend of folk music. And even though Francis hxbox series great guitar virtues in hand, what he really wants is to let himself be carried through the more psychedelic riffs to try to give with the authentic alter ego of him.

This will take you to live an authentic Travel through the cosmos A hit of guitar alone through a totally captivating audiovisual deployment, all xbox series we move into a story xbox series hilarious xbox series mysterious full of characters for memory and music, A lot of rock music.

While it does not offer any type of challenge at a practical level beyond shy sections of platforms and simple combats of combinations of buttons, their creators bet everything to the artistic facet, presenting an overwhelming universe of creativity and imagination That will dazzle those who have some musical sensitivity or seek emotions and epic instead of challenges and grandiloquent challenges, we explained in our analysis.

The Artful Escape will be available at PS4 , PS5 and Nintendo Switch from next January 25, 2022.

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