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A new Fatal Fury/Garou game is already in development

In 1999 GARou arrived: Mark of the Wolves to the arcades of Neo Geo, since then, the series of Fatal Fury has remained in total silence, with the Japanese company focusing completely on The King of Fighters. Fortunately, this will change in the future. During the Evo 2022, SNK revealed that a new game of Fatal Fury/Garou is already in development.

Just during the the King of Fighters XV finals, SNK shared a small teaser where we took the first look at the next title in the Fatal Fury/Garou series, something that fans have been waiting for 23 years. Unfortunately, That is all the information you have for the moment.


Beyond teaser and a promotional image, for the moment there is no more information about the next game of Fatal Fury/Garou, which can disappoint more than 1. The release date, platforms, and there are no more details today is unknown, which would indicate that this title is still a few years away.

In related issues, during Evo 2022 the first view of the next Tekken game was also revealed. Similarly, here they can check our the King of Fighters XV review.

Editor’s note:

Something strange sounds that SNK decides to give us a new installment of Fatal Fury considering that much of this series eventually evolved in what we know today as The King of Fighters, and the most recent title of this series came at the beginning of the year.

Xbox Series Scription plus 3 months of Xbox Game Masquerade much less than 265 euros

Microsoft’s tiniest equipment is currently a fairly cost-effective alternative in front of the rest of the market systems, today it is much more thanks to an amazing mediamarkt offer that allows the console to the cart alongside 3 months of * xbox Game Pass Ultimate For simply 263.63 euros **, a financial savings of around 75 euros versus the reference prices of both the registration as well as the device.

Taking the jump to the new generation is still a chimera for numerous players before the impossibility of locating an Xbox series X or PS5 in stores, however that wants left the supply problems, and also not for absence of need, it is the Xbox Series S configured as an exceptional entrance to the big computer game that are to come both this year and the following ones.


Acquire Xbox Series S + Game Pass Ultimate for 263.63 euros

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