The Atari Video Clip Computer System or ATARI VCS is one of the initial video game consoles of the American supplier Atari, Inc. It is based on the microprocessor MOS 6507, a specially produced for Atari version of the MOS 6502. The device came first in the US in 1977 In the profession, later on worldwide. At the end of the 1970s it was also offered in the Federal Republic of Germany.
With the intro of follower console Atari 5200 in 1982, Atari called the tool in Atari 2600. The went in advance of different modifications in the optical appearance, which continued after an owner change Atari’s 1984. In the very same year with the informally ATARI 2600 Junior console followed one more variant with a covered real estate. The production was discontinued at the end of 1991.
Atari was able to sell about 30 million ATARI VCS 2600 globally, as stated in summary of all models. Atari’s VCS 2600 is considered among the financially and culturally vital gaming consoles of computer game history.

Despite the proceeded console treat, Microsoft can look onward to a sales record. S has actually marketed according to Xbox manager Phil Spencer for just over a year extra gaming consoles than any other generation at the very same time prior to.

The Xbox Series X’S is completely in the race in to defend the Next-Gen crown. The Microsoft consoles have established an interior sales record given that the launch and are many thanks to recent successes in stroke distance to Sony’s PS5.

Sales landmark: Xbox stays PS5 on the heels

In a New York Times record reports Spencer that further stops the solid need for the Xbox Series X

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The Microsoft consoles have set up an interior sales record because the launch and are thanks to current successes in stroke range to Sony’s PS5.

As if this would not be reason enough to commemorate, sector expert Daniel Ahmad additionally introduced on Twitter that, according to his estimates at the current time, around 12 million console duplicates of Xbox Series X’S were marketed . With this substantial number, Microsoft ranks behind Songs PS5, which had probably offered nearly 13 million copies over the end of September 2021, yet still clearly remains available.


With the Xbox Series X’S, Microsoft has actually landed an abundant success. The new console kidney marketed to this better than any kind of various other Xbox consoles previously as well as keeps the contact with the PS5 despite having 12 million duplicates sold.

The lack of semiconductor as well as thus the console slackness will certainly not go away from today on tomorrow 2022. The hope is that it will certainly be much easier at least from the second fifty percent of the year to come to a Next-Gen console.

All important info concerning the Xbox Series X’S can be located in the video clip:.

S has marketed according to Xbox manager Phil Spencer for simply over a year a lot more gaming consoles than any other generation at the very same time before. S was able to safeguard the title as the fastest Sell Xbox generation and over trump itself the initial Xbox as well as Xbox 360. S were offered. The new console renal offered to this better than any type of various other Xbox consoles formerly as well as maintains the contact with the PS5 even with 12 million duplicates marketed.

2022 can be a huge year for Microsoft.