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Later as hoped: last of us

The HBO series The Last of US is a production critically considered by the fans. It is based on the PlayStation game of the Developer Studio’s PlayStation Game of the Developer Studio Naughty Dog from 2013 and is so popular that even the appearance of the facial presence of the main actor provides for discussions. HBO has not yet set an appointment for the premiere of the series and perhaps for good reason. Fans expected the game adaptation in 2022, but a responsible person at HBO has now prepared these hopes and excluded a publication this year .

The Last of Us delays until 2023

The series has been in progress for some time, but we will probably see no finished consequences of it soon. A responsible for HBO and HBO Max, where the series will celebrate premiere, has confirmed that will not be aired in 2022 . A date of publication in 2023 is much more likely.

This information is from Casey BLOYS , Chief Content Officer at HBO and HBO Max, who recently gave an interview with online magazine deadline. On the question of the publishing period of The Last of Us, Bloys wies out every possibility that it could appear sometime in 2022.

_ “It is not aired in 2022 – they still turn in Canada. I can imagine that you will see it 2023.” _

The production is currently in the Canadian city of Calgary in progress. Officially, shooting should take action until June 2022. It was therefore expected that the series would be seen at the end of the year.

Last-of-US series “looks promising”

Despite the still long wait, Bloys could still provide a bright spot in an interview. His information about the TV series is well progressed and the first pictures look promising .

_ “I’ve seen some early episodes and I’m very excited. Craig [MATINE] has made Chernobyl for us, he is a fantastic author and director. What I saw, looks astonishingly, so I’m very excited.” _

Bloy’s confidence does not always come from. Next to Craig Mazin also wrote Neil PrintMan , Creative Director of the Video Game The Last of Us at Naughty Dog, the script for the series project. In general, the series has gathered a solid series of talents.

Stars like Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) will be seen as the main characters Joel and Ellie. Look here the first picture of the two of the filming.

Also included in The Last of Us Anna Torv (fringe – borderlings of the FBI), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Nico Parker (Dumbo) and Gabriel Luna * * (Marvel’s Agents of Shield) as Joels Brother Tommy . The synchronizer Merle Dandridge will resume your role from the games and play the leader of Fireflies Marlene **.

What’s in the last-of-US series

The Last of Us is based on the award-winning video game of the developer studio Naughty Dog . The story plays 20 years after the modern civilization was destroyed by a deadly virus.

Joel is a hardened survivor and is hired Ellie , a 14-year-old girl from a quarantine zone to smuggle to the Fireflies, an organization looking for remedies. What begins as a small job becomes for both for a brutal and heartbreaking trip , in which they will be dependent on each other, to survive.

The Last of Us (PS4) - Full Game - No Commentary

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Uncharted developer Naughty Dog is currently working on three games

According to a pretty cryptic tweets of the Naughty Dog Ceos Neil Printant, the studio could currently work on three games at the same time. PS30

The Last of US: Series and game have a big difference

New details for the series adaptation of The Last of Us have further differences between the series and the games template reveals.

Last of us will not be the next game of throne

Due to the scope of the series were drawn in the interview parallel between The Last of Us and Game of Thrones , one of the most successful HBO shows. Even behind the scenes, there are some connections, because the executive producer of Tlou, Carolyn Strauss, had this place even at Got. BLOYS rejected the hype quickly that The Last of Us could be the next Game of Thrones from HBO. This is also completely unnecessary, because HBO is currently producing another GOT series entitled House of the Dragon .

Source: Deadline

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2021 In retrospect Xbox has won the console year Column

2021 was a year with heights and depths — also for the console giants Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. In direct comparison platform Xbox Series X had but one step ahead — also because the PS5 and Switch have slip-ups allowed.

2021 is probably not in the history of console gaming go down as one of the best years. There were strange twelve months in which it has often felt so, as if at the same time pass too much and nothing would Haunt. After the launch of Xbox PS5 and Series X | S in November 2020 top games this year were very few and far between, many games were postponed and the next-gen consoles are still difficult to get to impossible.

Thus has defined in 2021 mainly through its gaming potential, but was often so promising and so frustrating unfulfilled. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have under these difficult circumstances, tried some, but not all of them worked. Comparing the three platforms off the sales statistics, but Xbox was my opinion at the end surprisingly clearly decide for themselves — and can now feel like a console winner in 2021 because of a well-implemented strategy.

2021: Xbox shines in a year full of hangover

Xbox has 2021 largely bypassed consistently so, updates for the Xbox Series X | to released S (including Dolby Vision gaming) to put their own gaming concept sharply into focus and thereby as a gaming platform for mainstream to position.

This could be achieved, inter alia through the expansion of backward compatibility and the development of the Xbox cloud gaming. While many new games 2021 often shine either absent or programming errors could, Xbox added to the already extensive library of older games over 70 classics added, which can now be gambled on the latest consoles — and see there thanks FPS -boost and auto HDR better than ever before.

Thus, there was never any lack of quality games that can be streamed through the cloud gaming without downloading additional via mobile phones and laptops. Essential component of this concept is, of course Microsoft’s ace up its sleeve dominated, which in 2021 than any other gaming Feature: The Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is and remains the trump card

2021 was a year like painted for the Xbox Game Pass : Stunning exclusive games on other platforms were in short supply and the selection of older games could several times by newer Day One releases as outriders, Back 4 Blood and Psychopath 2 loosened be — thus the number of subscribers rose steadily.

At the end of the year out fell then also delayed, so to speak, finally, the next-gen launch: With Fora Horizon 5 and Halo: Infinite were two brand new and graphically demanding games release exclusively for Xbox — these blockbusters were from day 1 on the game pass for free.

During 2021 therefore Xbox not always glamorous, but it passed without major Scandals and with some notable highlights, there was to consider some weaknesses in competitors PlayStation and Nintendo in comparison. Although both consoles delivered earlier in some exclusive games from, but the huge names were postponed to 2022, leaving gaps that could not be filled without a Game Pass alternative.

In our Bilderstrecke we show you nine features of PS5 and Xbox Series X, which should definitely know her

Annual Review: Sony & Nintendo with slips

PlayStation was particularly evident in the unfortunate use of PS3 and PSP stores that backward compatibility for the company no significance — which is a clear disadvantage for gamers. Similarly, Sony stumbled to-PS5 upgrades PS4 and needed in this regard at the forthcoming sequel Horizon in the opaque field of: back row publicly Forbidden West.

Total PlayStation had obviously not a disastrous year — the PS5 has sold much better world than the Xbox Series X | S — but Sony has made no sovereign image clearly geschwächelt in terms of player-friendliness and worked in phases comparatively haphazardly. Whether exclusive games like Return and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart this could make up for a matter of taste — to me, it was not enough.

Nintendo had from the three platforms probably the most difficult year: The expectations were huge in relation to the legendary Switch Pro and N64 ports for Nintendo Switch Online, but were disappointed in both cases. While the new switch while a fancy OLED display has, it can otherwise not really show improvements.

Nevertheless, the new console version was significantly better than the N64 package for Nintendo Switch online: The extension with a handful of mediocre ports has been optimistic with a premium price tag and torn completely in the air.

Outlook 2022: PS5 and Nintendo Switch with big names

Xbox has won the console comparison 2021 for me through a stringent and gamer-friendly strategy. However, the platform on these laurels is not allowed to rest, because 2022 promises to become a much temporal year — with well-known exclusive games on all consoles. Horizon: Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarök and Breath of the Wild 2 are without question groundbreaking games for the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox gets playing like Star field, Stalker 2 and Senna’s Saga: Hell blade 2. In addition, there are also various long-awaited, cross-platform game highlights such as Elder Ring, Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy the stage. The winners will hopefully be the winners next year.

All Winner The Game Awards 2021 Let’s show you here in the video:

2021 was a year full of challenges for the console giants Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. In the end, however, Xbox had the best strategy to bridge the twelve months and now rightly feel the winner of the year.

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