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According to the reports, the price of the Xbox Series X will not be revealed when presenting the July Show Games presentation. Following the announcement of a Livestream Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, the fans began to speculate that Microsoft could reveal the cost of their next generation console.

According to Tom Warren de The Verge, however, Microsoft only plans to show its potential range of game launch.

Responding to the Senior Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, Warren revealed that the coming live broadcast would only focus on the upcoming games on the Xbox Series X.

Warren has already revealed the specifications of the Xbox Series X. There is no reason to doubt its latest information extract. In the absence of rumors about a potential price that led before live broadcast, there is even more reason to believe that we will not tell us how much the Xbox Series X later this month.

The official Xbox Twitter account revealed that the next presentation of Microsoft will take place on Thursday, July 23 at 9:00 am. The event will be the first time we will see something important Helo Infinite since its trailer E3 2019, well Whether we know that The Banished, Helo Wars 2 antagonists will appear to a certain extent.

Other exclusives in the Xbox Series X console should also be presented, including theHellblade II: Senua_ and Mépris saga. Expect some unannounced titles launched during the presentation, which is part of the Digital Summer Festival Geoff Keighley.