Wemade has made strategic investments in the community-based web 3.0 game company Planetarium Labs.

Wemade launches its own mainnet WeMix 3.0 testnet, invests in various domestic and overseas blockchain companies and projects, and is striving to expand its own blockchain platform with the ecosystem. Planetarium Labs provides game developers with lip planet-based web 3.0 game ecosystem implementation toolkits to develop games without server.

Each game has its own network and protocol so that all users in the game can manage the state of the game and operate the network as a node operator. Through this, users are co-operating and rewarding the game.

The world’s first open source online RPG ‘Nine Chronicle’, which uses lipplanet, has created more than 300,000 player communities.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said, Utility Coin WeMix and 100% Complete Mortgage Stable Coin WeMix $ is the mainnet WeMix 3.0, which is a game, a NILE combined with DAO, and a variety of defense protocols. It will be an ecosystem with it, he said.