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Desired Dead: a trailer for the new game of makers of Ninja Gaiden, it bangs severe

To walk through the Wanted Cyberpunk world: Dead, you will need to wait a little longer, however it is gotten that the launch of the video game is planned for this year on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4

as well as computer.

Desired: Dead was also entitled to his quarter of an hour of glory throughout the Summer of Gaming 2022 in IGN, as evidenced by the new trailer unveiled by 110 markets.
And also if some feel of dealing with a relative from Ninja Gaiden, it is completely normal: the sunlight studio has in its ranks veterans that have actually worked with the collection.
Simply take a look at how Lieutenant Hannah Stone (the heroine of the game) strips her challengers in the Hong Kong areas to recognize that she is managing both the blade and also Ryû Hayabusa, knowing that she can likewise depend on tools
over fire as well as concerning 80Complete Relocations _.

In other words, the program promises to be severe cruelty and also violence.

Xbox Series X Insider filters a new change in the console

According to reports, the first Xbox Series X review was filtered, but incoming change is not very important. Throughout a console generation, console manufacturers modify the design of their consoles with a target in mind: reduce production costs. Like your competitors, Microsoft does not win a lot of money with the hardware. In fact, during the first years of a generation of consoles, it often loses money. Money is gained for console manufacturers on the software side. Microsoft gets a part of each game that is sold on an Xbox series X. While the large amount of money is not on the hardware side, this does not mean that once a console is sent, be ready. Where there is money to save, money will be saved, which is why consoles constantly receive small revisions, such as the one that reveals the aforementioned report.

Xbox is Designing a New Chip To Improve Xbox Series X

The new report arrives at the hand of Xbox Insider and journalist, Brad Sams, who in a recent video transmitted the news that Microsoft is currently working on a revision of the console chip. Unfortunately, it seems that these chip reviews will not improve performance and will only reduce the cost of production.

“I think this is true… I know that Microsoft was working on the chip reviews,” Sams said. «Now, are we going to see improvements in performance, let’s see something else? I do not think so, but Microsoft is always working to make chips more efficient and more great because that reduces the cost of production. “

This is all that Sams revealed about the matter. It is not known what is changing exactly, but it is unlikely that Microsoft announced this exchange rate, which means that it will depend on those who separate and dissect the hardware discover this change when it happens.

As for when the next proper revision of Xbox will occur, we do not know. According to a variety of rumors, the next Xbox console is not far from being revealed, but it remains to be seen if it will be a review of Xbox Series X or something completely different. It will not be the next appropriate Xbox console, but there are rumors that suggest that it could be a console addressed to the transmission market.

Of course, the problem with the sending of a new version of Xbox Series X or another console is that the production is still limited by the shortage of microchips, the delays in production and shipping problems.

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