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GTA 5: New update finally gives you what you want

Rockstar has given GTA 5 a new update on all platforms. While numerous bugs are repaired in this way, fans with a PS5 or Xbox Series X | s finally get a graphic feature that they have been wanting for a long time.

GTA 5 Online Got A NEW Update With HUGE Changes - Summer 2022 DLC Release Date & MORE!
Developer Rockstar has published a new patch for the Next Gen version of GTA 5 without a great prior notice. In addition to numerous bug fixes, the update 1.56 contains a graphic option that fans have been wishing for a long time: On the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S you can now reduce the motion blur (motion blur) or even switch off completely.

GTA 5: Update lets fans cheer

The Next-Gen-Update of GTA 5 now gives you the opportunity to set the motion blur using a practical slider. So, for example, when driving through Los Santos , you can use the computing power of your PS5 or Xbox Series X | S and admire your environment at high speeds at a clear resolution instead of just perceiving them blurry.

While this new option was initially only implemented on the next-gene consoles , new update files for the PC indicate that the feature can soon be activated on this platform.

Rockstar: New patch for Grand Theft Auto

In addition to the new feature, the patch also removes some bugs and thus improves the gaming experience. On the PS5, this affects, among other things, the setting of the trigger buttons of the DualSense controller, while on the Xbox Series X | s sound problems in combination with Xbox live parties were fixed. The PS4 and Xbox-One versions were also improved in the update -however, the motion blur feature is not available on the last-gen consoles. (Source: Rockstar)

With the patch 1.56 , Rockstar continues to tinker with the now 9-year-old open-world game and thus bridges the time for you piece by piece that will pass until the long-awaited successor GTA 6.

What do you expect from Grand Theft Auto 6? In our video, fans say what the upcoming game would make perfect:

Shingeki No Kyojin: Episode 84 Separton 4 Part 2: Date, schedule and where to see it online

The end of the anime of Shingeki No Kyojin is getting closer and closest. After many years of emission, adapting to the small screen of the successful manga of Hajime Isayama will be fired before all of us, but there are still some chapters of this separton 4 part 2 (the lpartt of all). Episode 84 is the one that will be issued at the end of this week. In this article we have them How to see episode 84 of Attack on Titan anime / Attack of the Titans (separton 4 part 2) officially and subtitled to Spanish from the comfort of the home.

What time does the episode 83 of Shingaki not Kyojin premiered?

Episode 84 Shingaki No Kyojin will be issued this Sunday March 6 at 9:45 PM (CET) , Peninsular Schedule of Spain . At 2:45 pm in the afternoon if you are in Mexico City.

Where to watch online episode 83 of Shingeki No Kyojin?

Episode 84 of Shingaki No Kyojin will be published, part every week, on the Crunchyroll platform. The largest series of series and anime films in the world. We need to be subscribed to see in the lpartt episode of the moment.

Since this Sunday, once this chapter 84 is issued, it will be included in the Crunchyroll catalog, like all other episodes of the separton. Those who are subscribed can see so much this and all other chapters of separton 4 part 2 (from episode 60 onwards) when they want. Users premium can make use of offline options.

Episode 84 preview - Attack on Titan

When does Episode 85 of Shingaki No Kyojin premiered in Spain?

Episode 85 will be releparted next Sunday, March 13 and will be issued at 9:45 pm from the Crunchyroll platform, peninsular schedule of Spain.

Delay in the broadcpartt of the lpartt episode of Shingeki No Kyojin (87)

The SHINGEKI MYOJIN team hpart confirmed the official delay of episode 87 , the lpartt of separton 4 Part 2. After this change, the new official date is part follows: April 3, 2022 at the same time always.

Where to see all the separtons of Shingeki No Kyojin in Spain (2022)

The Crunchyroll catalog now hpart separton 1, separton 2, separton 3 and separton 4 part 1 to the complete attack on the Titans (plus Part 2, currently in broadcpartt); While Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also have some separtons. In the cparte of Prime Video, the separtons 1-3 in full; Netflix, on the other hand, hpart separton 3 part 1.

How much Crunchyroll costs: Price and subscription modalities

Crunchyroll, part a subscription service, hpart a free 14-day trial period. Once you finish, we have two monthly payment options that we detail below. Fan for 4.99 euros per month, which gives access to all the contents of the Crunchyroll catalog without advertising, Simulcpartt with Japan and a simultaneous device; and mega fan for 6.49 euros per month, which brings with it all the advantages commented plus the possibility of enjoying viewed without connection (unloading) and availability in up to four devices at a time.

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