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Author: Jason Oey

LOL: Concept Of Skin Neeko Cyberpop Shows The Curious Chameleon Surrounded By Technology

Champion Need arrived at the League of Legends in December 2018 and was promptly well received by the community, not only because of her relatively innovative mechanics in MOB, but for her personality and look as a character.
For Mains Need’s unhappiness, the champion doesn’t have so many skins in the game yet, but thanks to the community, this can be compensated with many fan arts, as is the case with this Need illustration in a Skin Cyberpunk concept.

Need Cyberpunk

Created by Gate, who posted his drawing on Reddit, Need Cyberpunk is cyborg.


It has several mechanical and technological parts on your body, and has won a series of tattoos like Jinx’s.
There is also a special detail as your tank top with a frog, which will certainly be understood by players who like her very much.
Gate illustrated even what the effects of Need Cyberpunk’s skills would be within the game:
Something the Reddit community noticed was the resemblance between the jacket Need wears in the concept of skin and the Valiant agent, FPS that belongs to Riot as well as LOL.

Citizen Sleeper: Roleplay appears in May in the Xbox Game Pass

Citizen Sleeper - Date Announce Trailer
Fellow Traveler released a new trailer to Citizen Sleeper, the role-play of the developer JUPP Over The Age, and indicates that the game appears on May 5 for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

The game will also be playable for the release directly via the subscription to the Xbox Game Pass.

The story-based Citizen Sleeper is adorned with Guillaume Singelin’s stunning character graphics and plays on the destroyed room station Erfin’s Eye. There, thousands try to survive at the edges of a capitalist interstellar society.

You play a sleeper, a digitized human consciousness in an artificial body, which is owned by a company that wants to be back.

Between the foreign and iridescent residents of the metropolis, their friendships builds, deserves your daily bread and have contact with the factions.


  • Action Cube: In each cycle, you can roll your dice and assigns them to a variety of actions available on the station. Choose from each of what and who is important to you to make the lives of people around you and ultimately the future of the station.
  • Ticking watches: Watches track both your actions as well as the actions of others on the station. Whether you get in the Overlook Bar or protected a friend from law counters of Yatagan, watches allow you to capture your progress and influence on the world around you.
  • Equipment and skills: You do not issue quests, but follows drives that make it possible to select important stories and activities. In this way, you design the five skills engineer, interface, endure, intuit and commitment of your character to unlock benefits and bonuses that reflect and form your life design in this world.

Announcement trailer and pictures to Citizen Sleeper:

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