The second week of the Megaraz Sales campaign began in the Epic Games Store store, which means that the time has come for distributing the next game after Borderlands 3. It turned out to be a collection of Bioshock: The Collection, which includes games such as updated versions of BIOSHOCK and BIOSHOCK 2 Together with Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition.

It is worth noting immediately that it is impossible to pick up the collection for accounts indicating the regions of Russia and Belarus. Therefore, those who wish need to change the region or create a new account using VPN. Then go to the page of the game in the store and click on the VPN on the “Get” button. Add BIOSHOCK: The Collection to your library can be free until June 2, 2022.

How to Get Bioshock: The Collection for Free on PC Until June 2nd! (Epic Games Store)

To date, sales of the Bioshock franchise are more than 38 million copies, and the series boasts good grades from both players and critics. Although the new part is still officially non-anons, there are already many rumors about it, including those who declare its presentation this year.