MSI has over the past 20 Jan. MSI Game verse Presentation online webcast introduces the brand orientation and the different types of laptops for the new upcoming products unveiled at CES 2022 and the year 2021 was achieved last year.

Year 2021 MSI last year, it has received a lot of attention in the media and IT hardware (Tom’s Hardware, PC Magazine, etc.), especially in the case of former Raider GE Series notebooks stand out performance received high praise. It was proven that it can trust in the performance notebook is not only portable, available through, continues to come up, such as a notebook lineup Stealth GS series and Z series creator used for many purposes.


The gaming laptop GE76 and 13% of the high performance and power, the temperature of the routine of Raider GE series in the solid state at room temperature is applied to laptop Liquid meth pad to change to liquid. In addition, your notebook is no problem viewing the notebook for business office operations, as well as gaming applications.

GS77’s Stealth GS Series can carry no burden when viewing a business conference or everyday business with a large screen and a light weight of 16 inches, it can also be used in gaming applications. In addition, there is a Creator Z series and for the creators and editing professionals. If the Creator Z Z16 series shows a high refresh rate of 120Hz 16-inch screen and is optimized to work on a laptop or a multipurpose video editing.

In addition, at CES 2022 MSI today announced the launch ready metadata-ready notebook that combines the metaverse. Meta-ready notebook has been common with the graphics card RTX than 30 series of Intel’s 12-generation CPU, NVIDIA has been applied to both like Titan GT, Raider GE, Creator GS, Vector GP, Creator Z, Creator pro Z series.

CPU, and even meta-ready laptops except the graphics card showed a variety of hardware that combines the technologies. Liquid meth pad applied to Stealth GS77, Raider GE76 is and the daily temperature variation to the liquid in the solid state at room temperature, shows the excellent thermal conductivity it is convenient to install and easy. There is also the cause of the leak of the paragraph, it is maintenance-free advantages.

Vapor chamber applied to the creator Z16P cooler becomes possible for the cooling area than the existing coolers wider about 76% to 65% increases the air circulation rate temperature is lowered 2. Hardware changes and also changed MSI Center was dedicated software for MSI. This further eased and Joaquin UI readability setting method and new technology, MSI has introduced the intelligent Smart Auto mode, the system and ambient Silent AI.

Smart Auto technology has been created based on artificial intelligence, actively recognizing the status of a computer and allows you to automatically adjust the best performance for your environment. If the ambient noise around the silent AI detected by adjusting the level of the product within the fan speed performance makes controlling the noise (db). It reduces battery consumption efficiently also includes super-battery function.

In addition, MSI has chosen the Intel and NVIDIA as a company representing the company’s latest technology, introduce them through a variety of notebook MSI. Among MSI Raider GE76 Diego is selected as the representative products to introduce three 12-CPU performance was released late last year, MSI Stealth GS77 and the Creator Z17 and the cross-hair 15 Rainbow Six Extreme Edition traction was introduced as the main model for the Nvidia graphics card.

Finally, this MSI Game verse Presentation lots for gaming, business, creators showcased a variety of new notebook. New product is the latest DDR5 memory, and Intel’s 12-generation CPU with a graphics card has been applied more than 30 series. The MSI as the past year showed the more advanced technology and ease of use and design that will snipe the tastes of different users.

■ massive new appearance! Gaming Notebook Series

MSI’s new gaming notebook series all support the latest DDR5-4800 memory and show higher performance than conventional DDR4 memory. In addition, you can use the software in a non-MSI MSI Center for Optimum hybrid graphics feature, or MS mode with easy overclocking of the GPU core clock options and the VRAM easy to play games with higher graphics capability than before. Non-Optimus feature is only available for Raider GE Series, Vector GP Series, Stealth GS66 products. Display may select the desired type of FHD, QHD or 4K image quality.

Stealth GS Series

Raider GE series

Vector GP Series

Crosshair 17/15 Rainbow Six Extraction Edition

Sword 15

■ for the Creator, Creator Notebook Series