This year, the ID @ Xbox program celebrates its ninth birthday. The success of the program is primarily owed to the independent developers who not only have used the opportunity to publish their games for Xbox and PC, but also deliver valuable feedback.

Chris Charla From the ID @ Xbox program, on the occasion of the anniversary, writes that developers have always listened and learned developers in all years and learned what they need and what they want. The cross-play function, for example, was a feature that comes directly from ID @ Xbox partners.

With ID @ XBox, independent developers have been taking royalties since the beginning more than $ 2.5 billion. The total revenue was almost double on the Xbox in the last three years.

Chris Charla, General Manager of Content Curation and Programs said, “The results have surpassed our wildest dreams. Since the introduction of the program, independent developers have taken more than $ 2.5 billion on license fees, and the total turnover of the ID @ Xbox partners on the Xbox has almost doubled in the last three years. These are breathtaking numbers, and they speak for the strength of the independent developers. “

In addition, hundreds of millions of dollars are used as royalties for the Xbox Game passport to developer and publisher.

Chris Charla continued to say about the Games in the Xbox Game Pass: “There are fantastic games today on Xbox (and other platforms!), Which would never have given it without the support of the Game-pass members, and that’s really an incredible phenomenon. The fact that millions of Game passport members enjoy some of the best independent games ever developed has made a great change for Xbox players and developers. “

Over 4600 developers from 94 countries in all sizes and shapes support the program. In the last two years alone, more than 1,000 creative minds registered to create new gaming experience.

Chris Charla (ID@Xbox) - Taking full advantage of Game Pass and self-publishing on Xbox
The number of games in the program have grown to over 3000 and an end is not in sight!

Currently, Xbox with developers talks a lot about the topic of findability. You work together to find solutions, how players can find the games better. An example of this is the [Email Protected] Showcase on Twitch, where new games have recently been presented.

“Teams at Microsoft work every day on the solution of discovery problems for player games that they love to find, making developers find the audience for their games. Whether it’s about making games like Wrestlequest or Escape Academy in a / id @ Xbox showcase with / twitchgaming a million audience to give developers the opportunity to present their games to Xbox channels or to integrate their titles in thematic sales and advertising measures – We are always looking for ways to contact developers with new target groups. “

The Xbox Game Pass also ensures that games are perceived and discovered. So the average Game passport member plays about 30% more genres and 40% more games, with most of these games located outside the Game Pass.

In addition to further investments in marketing and merchandise, Microsoft introduced [Email Protected] at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC). The new program is led by Nick Ferguson, which was also a member of the ID @ Xbox team in 2013.

[Email Protected] is aimed at developers who want to use cloud gaming services from Microsoft in their games on different platforms such as iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC and of course Xbox.