Cave announced the development of the new smartphone game developed by the company on March 18 (link destination is PDF). At the same time, it also announced that the Square Method Applicable Company-related company smartphone game production committee established for the development of the game was disbanded. Close to clearing on July 31st. The game was jointly developed with Creator Okamoto Hoshige and Tele Morning.

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The history of these projects comes up two years ago. Okamoto Yoshito, in former Capcom, with the “Street Fighter” series, and creators involved in the development of “Monster Strike”. He is currently enrolled in the game company, and he also serves as a directors of Cave. Okamoto Yoshiki was developing a new smartphone game alone.

In March 2020, Cave decides to develop the same work with Games and TV Asahi to increase this new success rate of Mr. Okamoto. At that time, it was a company that was a smartphone game production committee meeting. Cave was a Publisher to investigate ¥ 36 million to this company, and the game and TV Asahi also invested each. The actual production was commissioned to the development company.

However, March 2022, Cave seems to have decided to cancel this project. Cave is a reason for discontinuation of development, “The current game currently under development is initially assumed due to the change of customer needs and changes in the business environment, the trend of the business environment, and the trend of competitors, etc. It is explained that it is difficult to secure the quality that can be expected to earn future earnings. In addition, based on what you want to use Okamoto Yoshito’s resources to another new smartphone game, it announced that the project will be discontinued.

The development costs that occur so far have to bear the full development consignee who was in charge of production. Caves are expected to be expected to be recovered by the entire investment amount. Also, about the recovered investment is considering using the new smartphone game.

Cave is currently under development of “Toho Project” official second-order creation title, but it seems that it is not related to this cancellation. Okamoto Yoshiki continues to be directed by Cave, so new smartphone game development with him may begin.