Streamer and truck driver.
And no, we don’t mean it is in Euro Truck Simulator.
OR_PENGUIN is a truck driver in real life and entertain its journeys thanks to Twitch.

In fact, the other of his name comes from the term on the road (on the road).
Sometimes it entertains chatting with its subscribers, whose voice notes (prior donation) are responding.
Others simply driving in silence, winning an extra while acting a visual MR for all those who relax to him in the background and see him cross the US roads.
But what I had never done before (and surely does not plan to do) is to have a live accident.
In its lt streaming, a red truck gets into the Or_penguin lane, who tries to dodge it, but in doing so he leaves the road and ends up turning his vehicle.
In a matter of twenty seconds, the truck driver/streamer avoids direct collision, loses control and ends crooked and shock, barely held by the belt.
When it is removed, gravity continues its course and collapses.
Here you have the video (the camera that focuses on him goes with some delay with respect to what focuses the road):

is not illegal, and I have police seeing my stream

Taking into account the platform where everything h happened, you can imagine the reactions.
No one h left without commenting and everyone h laid a chair in their own way.
There are those that believe that I could have acted in another way and have done it better.
Those who applaud their reaction and appreciate that they have no injuries or consequences to regret.
And of course, those who criticize that stream does because they believe it is distracted with Twitch and that it is the cause of this type of incidents.


For these, Or_penguin himself he out to respond on his social networks:
Well, I never planned to go viral. From that thought, there are some things I mean. The first one, which is not illegal
Ganja or possibly killing and hurting another person. I could not have lived with the second, Or_penguin explains.
My elections are mine and my consequences too. Before going to the hospital, the policeman who attended me told me that it w not my fault. So, for all the haters, kisses and blessings. I can sleep at night knowing that I have
saved a life and that I have not removed any, regardless of their mistakes, he says.