The Xbox Series X is a true cabinet, because Microsoft could set a new design at least with a possible elite variant. This hope now fell a video in which the well-known designer Concept Creator has made its own appearance for the Xbox Series X Elite.

Xbox Series X Elite: Design Concept Shows Console

With the box-shaped Xbox Series X Microsoft has sometimes provided for laughter. Although it is a very powerful console, but the design Microsoft has not made the right taste in some gamers simply. But that could change at the next console, which may appear under the name Xbox Series X Elite in 2023.

If it goes to Jermaine Smith, better known as Concept Creator, then a lot will change the appearance of the next console. The counterpart to the PlayStation 5 Pro by Sony he presents himself much flatter, which would make the console much more practical. The characteristic straightforwardness of the Xbox Series X can also be clearly found in the concept of the Elite variant.

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The Xbox Series X Elite as a concept in the video:

LED lighting at the Xbox Series X Elite

Concept Creator presents, among other things, a LED lighting on both sides and a beveled edge. On the right front of the console there is a large power button with the known Xbox logo. On the left side, in turn, the concept is available for a shaft for optical media, as well as an eject button and four USB ports.

So that the next console from Microsoft does not overheat, stand according to concept, a whole series of ventilation slots and round ventilation holes ready. At the back, the manufacturer could decide for an HDMI 2.1 port and two USB-3.1 ports next to an Ethernet port.