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Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

Reverse2K ends the fortnite

The professional fornite player and Streamer Malachi, Reverse2k ‘Greiner announced his decision not to play the game more than competition, although this will not be the end for him and fornite.

Reverse2k Top 50 Greatest Clips of ALL TIME
“[I’ll] Keep it short and simple,” says Reverse2k in A Twitter Post. “I’m done with getting Fortnite competitively. I still love the game, still wants to participate in competitions, but I had the community and the game somehow full. “

Then he continues why he has decided to end the fornite competition game, and notes that he is full of not being respected by others in the community. “[I do not care] When people hate me,” he says, “but the constant disregard of my name and my style of play was just too much. I was sorry to “prove” that I am a top player, and every second tournament to find new players. “

Reverse2k recently had a pretty hard deal with Fortnite. In February, the player announced that he was a free agent and after some rather rocky seasons he wanted to play for the “terrible” community “” stop “to play.

Now it looks like Reverse2k has finally redeemed this promise. He will not quite stop playing Fortnite, but it’s the end of his competitive career – at least for the time being.

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